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Relationship is a very nice feeling in the world. Because there is the love, which is a big necessity in our life.  Love is a strange emotion. It can bring us close and yet, at times it can push us further away. Balancing togetherness and space perfectly is not easy, but it’s worth the effort. Find out how to give space in a relationship and live happier.


Even in the closest of relationships, each person at times needs space. That is time to be alone, time to just be. Even as a couple, we are still two individuals and to grow as a couple, we must also be permitted to grow as an individual.

When you give each other space, you also encourage trust to flourish in your relationship. When you are constantly together it can become hard to let your partner go do something  on their own. It can feel uncomfortable, because you are not used to being apart. You may be tempted to wonder what they are doing and call them repeatedly, which will only cause them to become annoyed and you to become even more worried.

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Space is a right and a responsibility.

In truth, building space in our relationship is both a right and responsibility. As human beings, we have the right to grow and learn in whatever way we choose. In a healthy relationship, each person flourishes when there is a mix of time spent together as a couple, and time spent alone or with someone other than our partner.

Simple Ways To Maintain Space In The Relationship

Having space doesn’t mean you have to leave each other for weeks to pursue different interests. It just means you need to give each other some time to reflect on, and take action towards, your unique path every day.

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For instance, you can:

  • Take a few hours apart every weekend to go for a walk alone or drive to an inspirational view to meditate.
  • Take separate classes during the week to pursue separate interests (cooking, exercise, etc.)
  • Allow each other go out with like-minded friends.
  • Give each space to meditate, read, or reflect while at home.

When we allow this alone time from a state of love, then we do not feel threatened by it and the other person does not feel guilty for needing to have alone time.

Amit Kumar
Author: Amit Kumar

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