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Google Allo – Android Apps on Google Play

It has been just a month that Google has launched it’s phone number based cool and user-friendly video calling app, Duo. Today, Google has rolled out an interesting instant messaging mobile app Allo. The app is surely going to affect the monopoly of WhatsApp. It includes all the available features of WhatsApp. It’s cool stickers (like Hike) makes it more adventurous than WhatsApp. Not just that, it has various new features like incognito mode, smart reply and inbuilt doodle creation ability that is going to put in the top list for sure. It’s low space of just 10MB makes it quite faster and quick to use.

Let’s check out its features.

Phone numbers based app.

All the people with the app installed on their phone gets listed automatically.

Download this app

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Smart reply

Google allo

It’s smart reply function suggest a reply based on your last message reply. Not just messages, it also analyses images to suggest reply based on your behavior and writing style. For this Allo uses Google’s machine learning technology to mimic your style.

Incognito mode


This mode includes special features like expiring chats, messages expire after a fixed time, end-to-end encryption and discreet notiácations. Though, Google says regular chats are also encrypted.

Whisper Shout

Using this feature you can increase or decrease the size of your text message(also the emoji) to show mood and urgency. Changing the size is easy, on the send button you just need to slide up and down to vary the size.

Google Assistant

It also provides a conversational virtual assistant to short out your doubts and delivers answers to your questions.

Small size

It is just a 10 MB file! lowest in the range of any good messaging apps.

Cool Stickers

You get loads of hilarious stickers to make your chats interesting. Also, it’s built-in drawing tool empowers you to create doodle on images prior to sending them.

Amit Kumar
Author: Amit Kumar

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