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Grand Parents Are Backbone Of The Family

Grandparents love you and are very special. They help you when no one else can. Any time you need them they will try to be there. They may not always be there but sometimes they can’t. No matter what they will love you forever. Your grandparents may get mad sometimes but they will forgive you every time. They love you and you should love them back.


My grandparents were living in a village. My grandpa and grandma have to work early in the morning. My Dad let us get together to see them every school’s holiday because we were living in city for my education.

We were so blessed that we had our grandparents. We call him “Dadaji”- my best buddy in the family. I remember that day when my grandpa take me for outing and tell me some funny jokes. My Grandpa was full of life. He was a great man I’ve ever had. I spent my 28 years of my life in front of my grandparents.

It was all going well till the bad news came into my ears. I lost my Grandpa,  I was stunned for a few seconds, I replied “what are you saying”. I wished again and again that this can’t be true. … Anyways this was my bad luck that I was not in the front of my grandpa’s last moments..

My Grandpa has gone to heaven. I miss my grandpa. I pray to God to stay him in peace.