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Handmade Saree from Orissa for Diwali has its own specific importance. It has no boundaries when it comes to show its worth. These sarees look larger than life and the art of this culture and tradition is not new as it is age old thing. Yet its serenity and its captivated look please the sole of the Indian women even today.

Orissa is the heritage of handloom art and unforgettable detailing in this art is evergreen. Orissa exports handmade shower and elegant saree almost all over places of India. It has always shown its art in strengthening the culture of handmade saree by keeping it highlighted and alive in heart.

The fabric like khadi, silk, cotton, tossar silk and new fabric such as Bomkai and Habaspuri sarees are in demand and has made its mark with its speciality. The elegance of Orissa is the remark of its skill and purity of making the saree with keen dedication.


Bomkai is created with passion and with the help of different colored threads, it make one noticeable beauty in the form of Bomkai saree. It explores the fine art and culture. The women of today even accept such sarees with keen interest to enlighten their festival and wedding.


Habaspuri is the great symbol of beauty and it is available in different colors. This saree Habaspuri represents the weaving beauty and symbolizes the handlooms design, color and motifs.


The shower and decent khadi saree gives you formal look. All the women in politics first choice are khadi saree. This Orissa handmade beauty fills the heart with pleasure and loved by all age group. Even young girls are experimenting with their look by opting khadi saree for them.


The handmade silk has its own vitality and it reinvents you with its shower shine. The magical color option is wide and makes you hopeful for giving you great look. The unique creativity in silk presents its tranquility and decency. The wide variety of silk is also available in our collection like tussar silk and other form of silk.

Mix and match of fabrics

Mix and match of fabrics are indeed not only looks good but also show the different pattern and style of handmade production of Orissa. The fabrics like Khadi silk, Kanjivaram silk and more you can get from Orissa.

All the collection of handmade saree from Orissa is perfect for Diwali and it is the sign of growing cultural beauty and it is here to stay forever.

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