Hottest Gifts for Kids this Christmas


Christmas is around and gifting to kids is on, even if you are not a Santa! Often, gifting especially to kids can be a mind-boggling task. We heard you and are listing hottest gifts for kids this Christmas that will make this tedious task a lot easier for you-

  1. Builder Set

A builder set especially the 80-piece one that has a big truck carrying all the building blocks is a great option. This gift not only stimulates creativity but is also suitable for different age groups and is a unique option.

  1. O.L Surprise Secret Jewellery set

This is ideal for young kids, between the age group of 4-10 years. This jewelry set initially looks like a gift for a girl child but can be unisex, especially for the 4-10 years age group. There is a good amount of creative impetus to keep both guys and girls interested. The thrill for discovering surprise secret message keeps all kids interested.

  1. Soft Toys

For kids who love soft toys, there are several hot options available in the market. For instance, Rescue Runts is a scruffy little pet dog with many makeups and grooming accessories that can keep young kids between 3-6 years engaged. The other soft toy could be a cat which is beautiful, cute and furry. These soft toys can light-up, talk, purr and more every now and then.

  1. Brain-strings

After checking out gifts that stimulate creativity, it is time to give the brain a run. Brain-strings is an interesting ball-like structure that has different color buttons which have to be grouped appropriately without disturbing the string arrangements appropriately.

All the above mentioned hot and trending gifts in the range of $15-$20 could be your guide for kid’s Christmas gifting this year! Merry Christmas and Happy Gifting!

Ishi Agrawal

Ishi is a Professional Content writer and an Editor. She loves curating articles on various niches to spread awareness among her readers based on her research. When she is not writing, she loves baking and is a professional chocolatier.

She researches not only on technical niches but has also written many blogs on fashion, travel and self-help.

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