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How to Find Affordable Housing in Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas is one of the most famous cities on Earth, drawing in tourists from all over who want to test their luck and make a little magic in their life.  Unfortunately, all of this notoriety comes with a steep price: housing is extremely expensive here.

If you’re planning on moving to Las Vegas and want to make sure you get the most affordable housing possible: consider following some of these tips.

Become Friends With People in the Area

One of the best ways to find affordable housing in Las Vegas is to befriend locals!  Not only will they guide you to some of the best prices in the city, but they may also agree to room with you if you can’t afford rent on your own.  This is an awesome way to save money until you’re able to afford something better for yourself or just to generally save money living in this city. 

Beyond that, rooming with someone will allow the city to seem less lonely since it can often feel like a revolving door of nonstop new people.

Consider Moving in the Off-Season

Although many may not realize it: Las Vegas has an off-season!  Casinos empty out, and suddenly affordable houses for rent in Las Vegas appear between June and August.  This isn’t too surprising since these are the hottest months of the year, and temperatures regularly sit above 100 degrees.

If you’re on a loose schedule and want to ensure you get the best rental or house price possible: make sure you plan your move for this time!  

Get a Realtor or Agent in the Area

If you’re really driven to find housing, consider getting a realtor or agent in the area.  Having a professional on your side will ensure that you can keep up to date with any new listings that pop up and that you’re able to keep track of what your wants or needs are if they might change.

This also ensures that you have someone on your side who wants to find you home as badly as you do.  

Constantly Keep Up With Housing Prices

Housing has been rapidly changing all over the world, but it’s been changing even faster in Vegas!  Las Vegas has seen some properties skyrocket to twice their original value, which is a huge jump.  

Keeping track of housing costs will help you better predict what might happen in the future and turn around to buy a home for yourself that works.

Don’t Be Afraid to Renovate

Sometimes the only way to find an affordable home is to settle for one that needs a lot of work.  It’s vital that you’re not afraid to renovate and take the time a property needs to be worked on.  Be realistic, and don’t bite off more than you can afford to fix, but don’t let a project scare you away from a good deal. 

Moving to Vegas for Cheap is Possible!

Although it’s possible to live anywhere you want for an affordable amount: if you want Vegas, you’re going to have to fight a little harder.  Consider trying some of these methods to find affordable housing so you can move to Vegas!