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How to Live Stream Football for Free in India

by Amit Kumar

Christiano Ronaldo once said that without football his life is nothing. This statement captures the passion that the sport can evoke.

While cricket remains the most popular game in India, football is certainly catching up. Football is now the third most popular sport watched in India. 

Historically, Indians have been able to watch the biggest football matches on their televisions. However, with cable television prices seeing a steep rise in recent years, football fans are forced to find a balance between their expenses and love for football.

Online streaming services like Disney+Hotstar, amazon Prime video, and Sony Liv have offered some respite by providing pocket friendly prices. 

The adoption of OTT platforms grew by 13%.and the number of OTT platforms has also increased in the last few years. 

However, the increasing number of OTT platforms makes it difficult to have a subscription for all platforms. And to complicate matters, most football tournaments are aired on a different platform.

So if you want access to all the current live football, you need to pay for monthly access to all these different streaming services… Or do you?

Enter Betwinner

Betwinner is an international online betting site.They offer a sportsbook which allows users to bet on sports from cricket to football and everything in between.

But what does an international betting site have to do with live streaming? The answer may surprise you.

In order to attract new customers, online betting sites (like Betwinner) have begun to offer free live streaming services.

Yes, you heard that right, it’s totally free.

No need to provide credit card information or make a deposit. All you have to do is sign up, and then you’re clear to start streaming sports to your heart’s content!  

Betwinner streams thousands of football matches every year, so the service can easily be used as an alternative to satellite TV, free of charge!

How to Get Started

To live stream sports on Betwinner, the first thing you will need is the proper device. This means a PC, laptop, smartphone, or a tablet.

When you have all these things, you will either access the Betwinner website or download the Betwinner app.

Then you will need to create a Betwinner account. You can register on the site in as little as a few clicks.

When your account is set up, you’ll be ready to start streaming your favorite sports. 

Go to the main menu and hover over the Live option. Then click on the Live Previews button. This will take you to the streaming section, and all the streaming options will open up before you!

Betwinner (and other online betting sites) are making it increasingly easy and cheap to watch live football in India. If you’re ready to participate, then check out Betwinner and sign up now!

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