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How To Secure Your Email Account

Using email id is one of the inevitable need of people. There are many sensitive data that resides on your email, which you would never want to share with anyone else. With the cyber criminals getting more sophisticated you need to secure your email from getting hacked.

Here we present to you some must apply tips to secure your email. 

Secure Password:


 You must keep an upper case, a lower case, a special character and a numeric key in your password. Hackers can very easily break into your  email account in the absence of a strong password.

Two-step authentication:

All the big email services companies including Gmail provide an option for  two-step-authentification. You should always enable this feature. For this feed your mobile number in the security setting. You will be sent verification key on mobile every time you log in.

Do not open unnecessary mail attachments:



Hackers send malware through attachments. As you open these attachments, malware gets stealthy stored in your computer memory.  Slowly they start monitoring your behavior and start sending your various login details to the hackers.

Don’t use public Wi-Fi.



By using public Wi-Fi hackers can take out information about you through packet- tracers. Try not to use any free Wi-Fi even in your neighborhood, it may be a kind of trap for you.


Whenever you log in to your account, make sure that Remember Password checkbox is not selected. Before leaving computer system do not forget to log out successfully.