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All of us know the story of a frog and the princess but what happened if the prince converted to frog again when the princess kissed him out of love….

This is just an imagination but the point is to realize here is how to find out the long -term behavior of your partner who seems to be deep in love with you. As a woman, you want more commitment and yourself get ready to get committed to the man in your life easily but you must understand the difference between getting attention and being loved. He tells you he loves you and gives you attention too but still you need to find out if he is the real one you should expect commitment from.

How to Tell If He’s Serious About You

Pass him through this test to find out if his strong hands are strong holds too:

1. “We”/Me: look for this sure fire sign- Committed men are sure of togetherness and don’t shy away as being referred as a couple in public.

2. You are most beautiful: even if you don’t appear so – All men call their lady beautiful in personal time but a real committed one will show you to the world proudly with his face lit up when you are together.

3. He cares: but even when you are sick- Look for his behavior in those nasty times when you sneeze constantly, have a runny nose, cough aloud and even vomit near him. He will remain sympathetic caring attentive and still loving if he is there for you always but raise your antennae if he seems to have enough of your being sick at any point.

4. Spend time: longer durations together with gap instead of shorter and frequent meetings- Most people show their best behavior during short periods so if you want to find out his real self then spend longer hours with him. This will make the outer side wear off and reveal the real inner one. This is important from your side too as during long chitchats you will also find out what you really expect from him and what you can return. Trust me these few long sessions together are highly imperative to decide the future of your relationship.

5. Fight with him: a big one- To know his consistency of behavior have a big fight with him as consistent men are more committed. He is all yours if he listens to you and sticks to the point but if he attacks your weaknesses and mistakes you shared with him then you can sure let him go. It is also important to know how much and how fast he gets angry.

These are just a few signs you can look for in his behavior but still if you feel paranoid than best is to go and look into his eyes and ask if he is really for you…..!

Amit Kumar
Author: Amit Kumar

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