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Our national security has been hit by a massive leak of data concerning the advanced stealth submarine, Scorpene. The source of leak is still unknown. The matter came to light when The Australian, an Australian newspaper uploaded the leaked documents concerned with the details of Indian Scorpene submarine on their website.

Though the statement came from Indian Navy official that the uploaded documents do not have any major security concern as they do not contain any vital details.

Secret data on India’s Scorpene submarine leaked

However, the Australian reporter Cameron Stewart statement that Indian Navy’s claim was “completely laughable” puts a big question mark on our capabilities.

Cameron further added that that they have themselves decided not to put the 22,400 pages document that have all the sensitive data. He even claimed Indian officials to be either incredibly stupid or deliberately trying to mislead the extent of damage from Indian citizens.

Apart from quibbles over redacted versus non-redacted information, the data leaks come as another major obstacle for India’s indigenous defence production push.

Submarine Leak Scandal1


  •  Scorpene is designed by French firm DCNS and it’s manufacturer is
    Mazgaon Dock Limited, India.
  • The documents have Indian Navy insignia on it, inscribed “Restricted Scorpene India”.
  • It contains details about the submarines’ sonar system, it’s all technical specifications and frequency of operation.
  • The documents contain “Operating Instruction Manual”, that give all the steps of the submarines’ different functions.
  • The Indian Navy has not yet officially reacted to the release of new documents. 
Submarine Leak Scandal2

Noise frequencies  :

What exactly are some of the “vital parameters”, found in the data leaks, the Indian navy could be worried about? In earlier comments to The Wire, Vice-Admiral A.K Singh (retired) pointed out the “damage may not be great… as long as the frequency of the submarine’s radiated noise” remained a secret. The logic here is that if these frequencies were to leak, it would allow enemy forces to use “different sonar buoys to locate and identify the submarine, which otherwise has a noise level that is below the noise of the sea”.

Huge setback for India as 22,000 pages of secret data leaked

However, as the newly released documents put out by The Australian yesterday show, the frequencies of many of the Scorpene submarine’s capabilities have been leaked and have been redacted by The Australian and not the leaker herself/himself.

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