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iPhone 7: UK Release Date, Price, Pictures Apple’s Next Gadget

The iPhone 7, the heart throb of millions is to hit the markets in early September 2016 and there is a lot of hype regarding the next generation smartphone. It is quite unlikely that the Apple’s  iPhone 7 will be comparatively easier on the wallet than its previous variants. If the information goes right the models with larger storage – 64GB and 128GB will have prices £619 and £699 respectively.

As visible on the social media the device is very similar to the existing iPhone 6s , although there are couple of minor changes. Most recent News about the new Apple gadget is-

  • The camera lens is bigger as the tech giant is enhancing the on-board snapper.
  • The lines crosswise the back is no longer visible as the antenna has been shifted to the corners of the gadget.
  • The customary Space Grey color has been changed to Space Black finish that was taken from the Watch of this brand and used for the phone.
  • The base model of iPhone 7 will be available with 32GB of storage.
  • Apple has removed the headphone jack from iPhone 7 and used the new USB-C connection as a substitute
  • A pair of USB-C have been added with capable headphones rather than those obsolete headphones
  • It appears that Apple will crash its renowned home key in favor of an incredible on-screen button. Newly designed bowed display with no bezel is now outfitted with a software which is the home button.”
  • No substantiation of a headphone jack is seen at the bottom of the phone. Nevertheless, the outdoor speakers on the bottom look like previous iPhone models.

With more power and superior efficiency iPhone 7 is expected to rock the market.

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Reena Rawat
Author: Reena Rawat