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It happens only in India: A holiday to watch movie!

Hey all!

Read it and it’s not another ‘Rajani’ joke but a reality.

Do you know you can have a holiday on the release date of ‘Kabali’ a new Rajni movie if you are in southern states of India? The companies have learnt from past experiences of mass bunks and sick leaves, as if there was some contagious flu spread over whole territory for a day when a movie starring Rajnikant was set for a release. This time most of the companies in south India have a adopted ‘do before you die’ approach and have already declared a holiday on July 22, 2016 and there will be no shock if not only companies but the states also call a day off keeping in mind the ‘Rajnimania’
There are petitions filed in the courts of southern states in India urging for a state day off so that people can go and celebrate the release of ‘Kabali’. In past whenever a Rajani movie was released there was news or (rumors) that many nuptial bonds broke as the husbands didn’t get a leave and so couldn’t take their wives for ‘The Thalaivar’ movie. Many husbands who chose love and marital peace as a priority got absent from office, missed important assignments, meetings, faced losses and some even got fired. So keeping in mind the whole global growth and progress these companies have decided to let the employees go and watch ‘kabali’

Well there may be people with view that in a developing nation like India where every single second is worth millions and every opportunity of development lost is a great cost how justified is it to even ask for a holiday for watching a movie. But in a movie crazy country like ours only, an actor can have such great fans who celebrate release of his movie like some festival and go crazy to see him eradicating evils from society, while romancing a young female actor on screen.

Companies took notice of chitchat among employees and decided to let them have a day’s off and are explaining the decision as a part of motivation to the employees. It may be right for satisfaction of employees but will the most loved and respected Rajanikant as responsible citizen himself appreciate this act of fans which may make them happy but harms the country economically due to suspension of work one day. In a developing nation where a single days delay in monsoon can affect productivity, if this suspension of work will not do so? Another important question is if all of them will get tickets for first day shows?
It happens only in India!


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Richa Aggarwal
Author: Richa Aggarwal

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