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The last season of iZombie gained a lot of acknowledgement because of its engaging episode, and the last one titled as “Salivation Army” portrayed how Liv, Major and Detective Babineaux worked on the same project and how they barge into the party of Super Max Ragner. And ever since iZombie 2 came to an end, the fandom has been anxiously waiting to know on what note iZombie 3 will kick start.

‘iZombie’ Season 3 Gets Confirmed Premiere Date

There were several rumors associated with the third instalment that it might be the final and last season of the American television series. But the viewers couldn’t stop themselves from beaming with joy because Rob Thomas announced that the series will not come to an end right after the delivery but there would be more installments. However, the viewers have already started anticipating what might take place in iZombie 3 as some of the sources have stated that Liv will be swallowing down the brain of a Dominatrix in the third season of iZombie.

Therefore, it is quite obvious that Liv will be inbuilt with the the characteristics of the dominatrix due to which some of the hilarious scenarios might also take place in the season. It is a fact that Liv grabs the characteristics of any person whose brain has been gulped down by her because that is how she solves the mystery and the reason behind the person’s death.

Liv’s love interest might also be revealed in iZombie  as reports have suggested that, therefore  Season 3 will definitely have a lot to disclose for all its fans when the installment kick-starts. We already known about Drake who happens to be Liv’s ex and now there might be a possibility that he can be witnessed in one of the episodes of iZombie Season 3.

And another speculation which has surfaced and is at rife is the character of Chase Grave coming back to the show, who is known as Vivian Stoll’s brother-in-law. And looking deep into the star cast of iZombie 3, it has also been pointed out that Natalie Alyn and Andrew Caldwell will be a part of the third season. On the other hand, Clive will be mostly focusing on the things which took place in Season 2. And with such declarations is definitely going to be appreciated by the entertainment fanatics.

The second season of the television show ended on April 12 and now it seems that CW has officially announced the release date of the third instalment of iZombie which will hit the television screens on 4th April.

The first episode will have duration of 2 long hours and not only that because the second episode of Season 3 will be delivered right after the broadcast of episode 1. This surely is an exciting news and the season is going to be bigger than the previous ones in the franchise of iZombie.

Reena Rawat
Author: Reena Rawat