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Yes, there’s lock down which bogs us down but then again, we’ve to rise, may be with a frown!!

This is the general scenario right now due to this Lock down, which is happening in our city, our town, our country or to be precise, the whole Earth, the whole world is under Lock Down due to which we’re living in self isolation or self quarantine. This is leading to various complaints and taunts and criticism about the government, the doctors and moreover, the police, by the citizens of the country. But are they really to be blamed?

They’re protecting our lives by sacrificing theirs. So, why are few musketeers disparaging them by not co-operating with the service providers and the government? Indeed, the violence by these ill-minded pot boilers can be understood as their mindset is never under rest. But, what about the ignorants supporting them or still some people who are engaging themselves in unnecessary acts, not suiting to their strata?

In these testing times, we should behave sensibly by lending our hand in whatever way we can. Moreover, this disruption of daily routine could be seen as the Golden period of Self Exploration. Now the question arises—What should we learn? We know everything. Very true, but learning never ends, so there’s something every time which is essential to be explored. Apparently, in the humdrum of life, we’ve missed many things which could have made our lives more peaceful and happier.

Some things to be explored or to look forward are—

  1. Meditation—We know it but never do it. We own it but never accept it.  Now it is the time to meet the real ‘You’ and should find inner peace and enlighten our souls.
  2. Hobby—Many hobbies but untouched. Many passions but never thought of. Be it cooking, gardening, drawing, painting, writing and even talking—so many things which were at the back of our mind could be brought forward and should be developed. Believe me, it is enriching. Really!
  3. House—The house is always taken care of but not thought of, tastefully due to lack of time or excessive workload. This is the time to be grateful to the Lord for atleast providing a house, where we can live. Many people don’t have this ‘luxury’.
  4. Family—Spending time with the members of the family was a dream for me, which I am accomplishing right now. And why not, I was so stressed and busy that I had never given my 100% to my kids or other members. But now after knowing them and letting them know me has made me more powerful and satisfied. We can play games, watch movies, exercise, read books, have a conversation with them about their small likes and dislikes and many more things. They will belong more to you.
  5. Sleep—Take a nap or deep sleep to quench your thirst for this luxury, without thinking about time. We were so mechanical and sleep deprived that we could have become zombies, if this would not have happened. Have a goodnight sleep or manage your sleep hours, if you’re working from home. Just after a week’s sleep, you will be more positive towards your work and would be more positive towards life.
  6. Unidentified desires—This is the most suitable time to open those dirty bags or old family albums or touch those untouched racks. Re-establish yourself. Make more space or meet the real you in this time, where you can think anything, of your choice.When this time will be over, you’ll be able to meet the more developed ‘You’.
  7. Catch up Movies—Oh! My old lost love! I found it again. And I watch one movie each day—sometimes old, sometimes new, sometimes of my favourite actor, sometime to sing along those popular songs. It is wonderful.

These are the few things, which if done will definitely rejuvenate you, enthrall you and will pull you away from the anxiety, the frustration and will surely make us more peaceful with us and with our little world. Earth is under renovation, so we should also renovate ourselves.

Make use of this time so as to make unforgettable memories which I swear will be cherished forever!

In the end, just want to emphasize the point —The time shall pass. It is our wish whether we make it memorable with sweet memories or bitter emotions.Be grateful for everything you have because this is still a dream for many.

Amit Kumar
Author: Amit Kumar

Amit is the founder of YoursNews. This is a next generation blog, proved that blogging is an art; focus on valuable ideas and genuine stories, rest everything will fall into place.