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Know About Dr Nalli Ramya Golden Year

Dr Nalli Ramya, from Vishakapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. Born in Doctor’s family, dad being general physician and mother being gynecologist and ophthalmologist. She is fervent fan of honor , loyalty,chivalry. She want to bring life the world where men and women stand shoulder to shoulder.

Steady in her desire to make the world better place. Professionally Nalli Ramya is an Otorhinolarygologist and Head and Neck surgeon graduated from the prestigious JIPMER, Pondicherry the third leading medical college and hospital in India. During her medical profession did various researches including mouth cancers related to HPV virus in South India from years 2014 to 2017 and Present working as chief consultant in Nirmala clinic, Vishakapatnam. An artist by passion and won Gold medal for “THE BEST PAINTING” conducted by camelin and had numerous collection of acrylic canvas paintings. Her desire to spread knowledge started by writing numerous blogs related to mental and physical health in year 2018 as she firmly believe mental health is equally important as physical health. Nalli Ramya managed turning my dreams into reality by writing my debut book based on fantasy, adventure and fiction named “THE BROKEN PENDANT ” about which has been featured in one of the finest newspapers of India like THE HINDUSTAN TIMES, THE POSTMAN NEWS, THE DECCAN CHRONICLE (all South India, Delhi ),THE PIONEER, THE DISPARCH, THE BANGALORE TODAY, THE IWM BUZZ, and THE FILMY MANTRA.

An article in international media THE METROSTAR MAGAZINE, regarding “THE EFFECT OF COVID ON LITERATURE” and KATHMANDU TRIBUNE Nepal. The motivation for literature started from her childhood writing small poetries and pencil arts and publishing them in medical college magazines, had received “THE BEST PHOTOGRAPHY” in medical college times . In year 2020 won the titles in two categories in lit fest 2020 as “THE BEST COLUMNIST OF THE YEAR 2020” and “THE BEST LITERARY CRITIC OF THE YEAR 2020. Her passion for writing books would never end as she feel soul love and compassion in creating and living the characters Nalli Ramya create . Present working on second novel and very much excited to bring it to light Dr Nalli Ramya from vishakapatnam, Andhra pradesh Otorhinolarygologist and Head and Neck surgeon (JIPMER) .

Dr.Ramya An Author, a motivational speaker and Founder /CEO RAMICOS. Did numerous national and international webinars regarding medical and motivation. In year 2020 won the titles in two categories in lit fest 2020 as “The Best columnist of year 2020” and “The Best literacy critic of year 2020. And featured in various famous 20 news media like deccan chronicle, Hindustan times, despatch etc. At Present working on my second novel and very much excited to bring it to light Winner of Hope international awards as ” Popular Women of Universe award ” 2021.

Winner of “India Prime awards ” 2021 Winner of ” PARIRAKSHAK AWARD 2021 Winner of ” Best Achiever award ” 2021 by magic book of records Given business and motivational speeches in prestigious institutions like NIT and IIT Main moto of start of this company is we have identified some of the key success factors for beauty brands: a focus on consumer and experience, price-points that are potentially below those of premium brand but a focus on dermatological results and credentials, and finally, a strong digital presence and direct-to-consumer marketing. Keeping the dreams of all women in mind, and delivering the best for their beauty needs, this is what RAMICOS’s motive is. Bringing you the best products which suit your beauty trends.

We kept our store with not only the quality products but they also are stylish and modish. Our company vision is to provide something new and something different. I see many young girls and women crying, and shared their own stories about how they’ve been judged on their appearance or made to feel less than in some way. And how they’ve learned to or are working on learning to feel confident! It’s the main moto for me to start RAMICOS.

I know it is the RIGHT thing to do in my gut and I knew it was the right thing to do for girls and women everywhere New start up company announces the launch of RAMICOS Cosmetics with new formulas that are clean and vegan, along with fresh packaging. Direct-to-Consumer website launching in next 2 months that offers access to both RAMICOS cosmetics and skincare brands with color cosmetics for the first time. “We are excited about the launch of RAMICOS Cosmetics with a formulated range that is really at the forefront of everything.

Our Products are completely Vegan, Cruelty Free, contains SPF, Vitamin E, Hydrating and Nourishing and no harsh chemicals. ” “I’m so proud to launch RAMICOS Cosmetics with all clean formulas ” said Dr Nalli Ramya, CEO/ founder RAMICOS cosmetics. “Innovation is every thing. When creating this line, it was so important to me to commit to using clean ingredients across the board, but to never sacrifice performance.

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