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My official profession for many years has been as a lawyer. I became a mother in 2005 and yoga became a part of life in 2010, when I was pregnant with my third child Luukas. At the time the doctors did not predict the brightest future for him. Initially, I only attended yoga classes for pregnant women, taught by Mexican teacher Sukhdev Kaur.

I went to these classes to help quiet my mind, which was buzzing like a hornets nest; to support the mental and physical development of my then unborn child; and to go through all sorts of difficulties of life with dignity while experiencing courage, happiness, inner peace, security, balance and myself as an infinite being. Since this all did happen to me, I gained a profound respect towards Kundalini Yoga and my interest even deeper – how was it possible that just by doing some exercises and meditations I could completely change my world, my being, my soul, myself.

In short, once I was ready, life quickly directed me to my next milestone, which was the Karam Kriya Kundalini Yoga teachers school, where I begun my journey on becoming a Kundalini yoga teacher under the guidance of world renouned Kundalini Yoga teachers such as Shiv Charan Singh, Ram Singh, Jivan Mukta Singh, Meherbani Kaur, Sat Darshan Kaur and many more. Since I had known for years that one day I would start engaging with children’s yoga – I began officially training to become a children’s yoga teacher in the summer of 2011.

My biggest role models and teachers on this path have been German children’s yoga teachers Atma Singh and Siri Gopal Kaur. Today I have unofficially practiced children’s yoga since my daughter was born, so that makes it over 10 years now.

Occasionally, I tend to laugh and say that some day I will be the Minister of Education and then make children’s and youth’s yoga a part of the national kindergarten and school curricula (even if it’s just once a week as part of the physical education classes). The reason being that yoga affects children in an extremely positive way – through yoga every person becomes happier, calmer, more confident, healthier, more creative, aware, more confident, more intelligent, becomes more in contact with themselves and the primal source of life. And this will also happen to You if you choose yoga ?

Anyway, it is my great honor and pleasure that I came across the world of yoga, and among other things I can be Your teacher and evolve with You or Your child on this wonderful journey.

In addition, I have studied at the Gordon family school and the Holistic Therapy Institute (1st course), participated in the Brandon Bays The Journey Intensive, Manifest Abundance and the Bettina Hallifax Journey for Children seminars and workshops.

At the end of 2015 I participated as a teacher in the children’s yoga teacher training based on Kundalini Yoga, where after 160 hours and under the guidance of 10 other teachers 18 wonderful people from all over Estonia became children’s yoga teachers. In 2016 another 22 people became children’s yoga teachers after completing a 4-month and 200-hour course under the teachings and guidance of Sukhdev Kaur Khalsa, Katre Rajuri, Ave Palu, Erki Kaikkonen, Kalev Klaar, Merilin Tamme, Liis Luik and myself.

PS! Since 2011 I have been teaching Kundalini Yoga classes for adults every Tuesday (5.30PM – 7PM) at the Tallinn Chamber of Disabled People. As the number of participants that can take part is limited, please write me an e-mail if you are interested in coming to my class –

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Amit Kumar
Author: Amit Kumar

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