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He was in IAF, he spent days at IIM Ahmedabad, he is an RTI activist, he has been in administrations of almost all top notch coachings in Kota, people call him Nilesh Gupta.

Here are a few excerpts of the forty minute long conversation Keshav had with him

Candid Conversation With Keshav

Keshav: Is Kota the most energetic or education city of India?

Nilesh: We can say, I don’t know about energetic city we can state in terms of teenagers crowd.

Keshav: There’s a crowd, I don’t think there is anything apart from this.

Nilesh: There is no creativity.

Keshav: Yes, students come and learn, they just learn the basic fundamentals & formulas of Physics, Maths & Chemistry.

Nilesh: It is just one dimensional model.

Keshav & Nilesh
In pic: Nilesh Gupta & Keshav Bhardwaj (L-R)

Keshav:  Yes, it is just one dimensional model, What is difference between performance and result?

Nilesh: I don’t think there is any difference.

Keshav : Okay, What facilities are students of Kota lacking?

Nilesh: Sports, other career awareness.

Keshav:  Like?

Nilesh: SAT, CLAT

Keshav: So you think everything should be taught in Kota?

Nilesh: I think there should be more exposure, there should be awareness, if a student fails in IIT or medical, he should  know about the other options.

Keshav: We also talk about bad quality of food in mess, suffocating hostel rooms…

Nilesh:  There are a lot of issues, hygiene issues.

Keshav: Yes, hygiene, you can see pigs roaming all around the city, So what should be done to make this city better?

Nilesh:  Mindset of people should change, government should also interfere.

Keshav:  How can a coaching disown a suicide? Why don’t you advertise a suicide as you do for selections in IIT?

Nilesh:  This is very practical, people always highlight their strong power.


Keshav: Why coachings don’t conduct serious admission tests, you know everybody gets selected. You will select everyone, put extreme pressure on them  & then if someone commits suicide, you’ll blame the student for this. So basically coachings are responsible for suicides .

Nilesh: That’s your version

Keshav: No No! Then what is the truth ?

Nilesh: There always a perception..

Keshav: Okay, So what according to you is the reason behind suicides?

Nilesh: There’s lot of other things like expectations of parents, poor supervision.

Keshav: Okay! Poor supervision from whom?

Nilesh:  Everybody, from their parents…

Keshav: Do students disconnect from social world when they come from home to Kota? Is it okay that they become more reserved? They become more selfish in fact! Do u think so?

Nilesh:  I’ll not say that they become more selfish but ya they become self centered.

Keshav:  So is it okay?

Nilesh: Sometimes, its okay but some times it’s not okay because life skills are also very important.

Keshav: You have been in administrations of different coaching…. Why people call it shuffling? You know shuffling, what does the word ‘shuffling’ means is ‘rearranging without any order or pattern’ but you arrange the students according to their merit, actually  you filter them and then you call it shuffling. So there is no shuffling in it . Shuffling means rearranging them without any reason or pattern. Do you think it should not be called shuffling?

Nilesh:  It is literal meaning of ‘shuffling’

Keshav: It should not be called  shuffling this should be called filtering, do you think that?

Nilesh: I don’t know.

Keshav: But you were in administration so you’ll have to say… You should have said to the people who are concerned to change this from shuffling to batching or filtering or classifying or ranking.

Nilesh: Can be done

Keshav: What message would you like to give to the parents? They are living in different parts of the country and sending their kids here. There’s a perception that Kota is the suicidal city, they have fear that if I send my child to Kota he may not come back.. So how would you convince them to say no?

Nilesh:  Kota is a good place for studies.But there’s always a distraction for this teenage so if you are able to control the situation, you’ll ultimately succeed. Keep monitoring the emotions of the ward.

Keshav: Thank you, it was my pleasure.

Nilesh:  Thank you, all the best.

Amit Kumar
Author: Amit Kumar

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