Life Starts When Fear Ends


Why do you fear?
Who makes you feel Fear? 
What you lose when you get scared.?

If you want to win over your weaknesses, first rule is don’t be scared. You don’t have to fight your inner self for that but just leave all hesitations and move.

Freedom is the most treasured attribute of life and if you fear you lose that.

No one should be capable of scarring you and for that first you should realize that you are not wrong, never were and in your most capacity never will. If you fear you die before you are dead. Don’t worry about life after death, don’t even question if there is any life after death as this make you scared.

Win Over Your Weaknesses


Leaving fear doesn’t mean forgetting morality and discipline but it means to keep moving with confidence and face everything, no matter how much bumped you got in the way.
Everyone is born to accomplish his dreams and you must realize that no one but you have to move to get what you wanted.

If you might fail at times, don’t be angry with life because it’s you who failed due to ignoring the clues life gave you. Please don’t confuse and believe that considering those clues will fear you, it doesn’t ask you to stop but will give you a better direction.

Be like a child who is fearless because he is ignorant and innocent. Behave like you don’t know anything.

Don’t run away. Escapism is no solution but a fear. Fear is cowardly and gutless which takes you far from truth and love.

Love and peace is your ultimate aim and fear stops you achieving that. Happy and sad are feelings and are present inside us in equal proportions. It’s our temperament that makes us feel more of sadness.

Life is a journey and peace is your destination, fear is like breaks in your car and confidence is the fuel.

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