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Look Taller with These Mind Blowing Wardrobe Hacks

Everyone wants to have perfect looks, figure, and height. However, not everyone is blessed with a good height. Through cosmetic surgery, you could alter your looks but your height is something you have to adjust to. However, dressing smartly can help in creating an illusion of height. With a few smart changes in your wardrobe, you can look taller than you actually are.

Choose well-fitted clothes

Baggy and ill-fitting clothes are to be totally avoided. You need to ditch them ASAP. Instead of purchasing stuff off the rack, opt for tailored clothes. Having a good tailor is a blessing that you mustn’t ignore. Slim fit, straight cut and well-structured clothes make you appear taller than you actually are.

What styles suit you?

Vertical stripes and lines give an illusion of length. Horizontal stripes are to be avoided completely as they add volume, not height. Wearing the right colors also helps to look a bit taller. Avoiding stark contrast as it makes you appear shorter. Tucking your shirt in also is a way to make your leg length appear longer than it is.

Accessories your look

Adding some accessories like handkerchiefs or sunglasses to the upper half of your body gives an appearance of height. Slim ties/ bow ties, lapel pins or pocket squares are good to distract people from your height. You can also wear a stylish hat like Panama hat if the occasion so demands. Avoid flashy accessories below the waist like designer belts, big buckles or flashy shoes.

Add some inches

Opt for shoes that have a bit more height than normal shoes. This way you will be able to enhance your height by a couple of inches. However, don’t opt for too large heels (Cuban heels) which invariably draw attention.