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LOVE – A Common Girls’S Perspective

‘To love and to be loved ‘is the best feeling in the world. Without love, the meaning of life gets lost.

One of the purest mankind can exhibit is the strong feeling of love. It is through the weapon of love that the world can be conquered and ruled as the power of love and affection is the greatest of all and the universe seems to move by keeping love at its centre.

We can define ‘love’ as a strong emotion of affection and pleasure that one being has for the other or for themselves. Love is said to be a special bond and feeling between two individuals or two souls and the influence of love binds and strengthens the relationship between two entities. The concept of love is a vast phenomenon and not merely the physical aspect between a girl and a boy can be defined as love.

The definition of love is far beyond the physical or sexual relationship that two individuals of opposite gender share. No doubt, the romantic relationship has its own charm. Yet pure love prevails here too.

The relationship between a mother and her child is the purest of all as the love here is unconditional, pure and a gift of nature. Any two individuals or souls can be in love with the other or rather would share a bond of affection amongst them. Here, the bond might be the relationship shared between  a child with its parents or might be the affections shared between siblings, or between two devoted lovers of the same sex or opposite one , it may also be between two friends or even between a being with an animal or it may be the love and concern for self. The only factor, for a relationship to get bloomed is nothing but love. Love has different forms and cannot be confined only to the narrower view of a sexual affair between a boy and a girl. To receive love, we must give respect as both love and respect goes hand in hand.

The bond of unity and brotherhood shared between two countries is the outcome of love and affection. It is the power of love and hope that keeps the whole universe going amongst all obstacles and afflictions.

The emotion that love exhibits is un comparable or unparallel to any other emotions in this world. It is not just human beings but even the animals are capable of love. The reciprocity of love is shown by animals such as dogs and cats with their body language and actions.

Pure or true love is unconditional as it comes with no strings attached or without any obligations. Conditional love is not real as  love cannot prevail with conditions. Conditional love leads to misuse and disrespect of the holy emotion called ‘ Love ‘. Just like mother’s love, nature’s love for us and the affection we receive from the animals are unconditional too. Love can be felt to be present everywhere.

Right from the day we are born in this world, we expect one thing and that is ‘ love ‘ .Everybody in this world expects and deserves love, care and support from his or her family and friends .It is the love we give and receive , create a deep mark of trust and support in our minds and hearts and we feel mentally and psychologically elated and wanted in this world full of fakes and thorns . During times of distress, it is the emotional support and love that our friends and family bestows upon us, creates a deep impact in our hearts and tightens the bond between the relations for ever. It is said that love is the basis of every relationship and it is because of the existence of love that a place seems peaceful and beautiful. Relations which have love and affection along with trust are considered to be the best relations.

Expression is a language to convey the love that we preserve in our hearts for the one who matters to us in our life’s journey. The feeling of ‘ love’ needs to be expressed to the one we feel for. This emotion acts as a healer and magic in our lives. A person is likely to go into depression, if he or she is deprived of this special emotion. Love is an essential component to be take care of in order to continue any sort of relationship with the family and outside. Age, gender, religion, diversity, colour, race, etc. can never create any sort of hurdle in the flow of love.Kindness, care , respect, loyalty and compassion adds to the language of love. Trust and love are the two sides of the same coin.

The development of our society should not only be judged based on the economic activities and progress, but it should be based on how time and just the society is towards its population. The world can be transformed into a better place by the spread of love, affection, peace and positivity. It is the love, care and support that a person receives, leads him to climb a mountain with sheer determination and strength.

Love can be felt and shared only when we can love and respect ourselves at the first place. Self love or the love for self is the basis of bringing a change this world full woes. Until we love and respect ourselves, we cannot give the same to other souls or even to our surroundings. Self love acts as a therapy to uplift one’s vision towards the journey of life and to leave life with dignity and satisfaction.

 In today’s fast-moving world, love and affection are not given much value and its existence in the real sense is felt to be fading away slowly as it has been replaced by money and fame. The purity of love is in the path of extinction, as the concept of pure love is seen to replace and hold the place of materialistic profit. More focus is given to materialistic happiness and needs, than to the basics of love – Affection with generosity to every living being or sacrifice for the one we love. We need to focus in training the minds of the generations to come, to visualise the world with kindness and empathy and to gift the world around, the joy of goodwill and benevolence.