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Love Marriage Vs. Arrange Marriage – Which One Is Better?

In India, there is a big debate, always running in all the places, about the better solution of marriage.

Love Marriage Vs Arranged Marriage

These are the two names that are the root cause of the debate.

Marriage is a very important social institution. Every individual wants to have a perfect match, but the criteria for choosing the partner is different. In love marriages, individuals prefer to choose their partners on their own, while in case of arrange marriages individuals prefers partners chosen by their family or parents.


With the increase of divorce cases and multiple cases of dowry or criminal offences, the debate has turned into a major issue, from just a group discussion.


While divorce is one of the bad sides of love marriage, with more than 80 percent of divorce cases having an origin in the love marriages, arranged marriage has some bitter experiences with it too. Dowry is a social fever, which is deeply rooted with arranged marriage. Criminal offences like murder, suicides are having an almost equal share in both love and arranged marriages.

Those who favours love marriage shows the examples of the Hindu Deities and the Puranic stories about Gods, whereas the senior members of the nation have to say that the young lads and ladies are too young to take their own decision of their life.

The major problem, according to the wise people in the nation, is not in the type of marriage, but in the mentality of the couples and the family of the bride and the grooms. Marriage is a relation, where husband and wife are regarded to be united being, according to the Puranic scripts, but now the situation is where nobody is ready to compromise. This is the root cause of divorce and crimes. Cooperation and adjustments are needed, not from one side but from all to make any married life filled with joy.

Reena Rawat
Author: Reena Rawat

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