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Manufacturers Look for in an ERP Solution?

The manufacturing industry is the core fulcrum which decides organizational growth and meets needs of the common consumer. The same is a vital factor to contribute to the growth of country or state.  There are many features to be considered for when going for Manufacturing ERP System and they mostly revolve around your business and what are your goals to obtain with an ERP.

Manufacturers Look for in an ERP Solution?

When it comes to the objective and goal, most of the manufacturing companies will need a solution based capable and efficient common database ERP system. It is utmost important for smooth functioning of processes of supply chain domain. So identifying critical tasks will help to choose the right software for quick turnaround time and transparency. Below are the key performance areas where a manufacturer has to look into:

Synchronization of Company’s Goal and ERP Solution:

This key aspect is dependent upon the general needs of the consumer which must be in line with the specification of the industry. So Alignment of ERP software with processes of the company is driving factor to achieve the success.

Quality Features if ERP for Execution of Manufacturing Process:

ERP solution must be made for effective control on manufacturing processes, from feasibility to planning and from execution to delivery to support. Henceforth choice must be very specific which can helpful for below-mentioned processes:

    • Bill of Material.
    • Bidding of Orders and releasing the Purchase requisition.
    • Forecasting of data and vital information.
    • Logistical Approach.
    • Inventory Management.
    • Production Management.
    • Delivery and Accounting.
    • Ongoing Support.
    • Business Development.
    • Quality control and Quality Assurance.

Features of Supply Chain Management:

Features related to micro-level monitoring and assessment of supply chain process is the major area to be considered by the manufacturer. Such feature can help error free material inward and outward processes. The process must be closed from receiving of material to delivering of the same. Below is the few supply chain management features must be on the top requirement for consideration of perfect ERP application:

Features of Warehouse Management.The transition of material is considered under this feature. Staking of material at a secure place, risk management for any adverse impact due to natural calamity has to be covered at a glance for the manufacturer.

Planning of Delivery of Material.Distributing the material from warehouse to dealers/suppliers/end customer is to be considered as a key feature. So that monitoring of such variables to ensure the smooth and correct inventories will not go on the toss.

Monetary Features:

Any wrong move on effective ERP software selection can cost in direct and indirect monetary terms. ERP implementation is a big investment in functionality and money aspects for any manufacturer. Through proper planning and required team infrastructure, such risk of loss can be easily avoided. Enhancements in productivity, visibility are the functional point of view which can be achieved through perfect ERP Software selection.

Although it will reduce company’s overheads in terms of manpower hours and administrative costs.

Taking all internal departments on the same page is essential so that view on the choice of ERP can be addressed to theen tire organization. Hence spending a one-time extra cost will make additional advantages to strengthen the business.

Reena Rawat
Author: Reena Rawat

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