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India’s one of the most renowned Automobile brand – #MarutiSuzuki seems to be in hurry to achieve their year-end sales and hence, registered the car before the grace period without intimating or taking consent from the customer.

Bagga Link Motors

A customer named Divaker Bhalla residing in DelhiNCR had purchased the car from  Maruti Suzuki’s online portal and transferred the amount to their account in whole in December. Instead of being loyal to the customer, the brand showed disgrace and registered the car without informing the customer in advance. Upon requesting to cancel the registration, the managing head of the showroom, Vandana- “Bagga Link Motors,” offered INR 25k as a compensation amount for the loss of INR 1.5 Lacs.

“It’s not just about the loss but it’s about registering the vehicle without informing and taking consent. I didn’t want to register my car in December as it tends to consider one-year-old version compared to January registration. But the dealers were so much in hurry that led me to a big loss,” said Mr. Bhalla.

Is this what the brands today are showing up these days? Have they begun to prefer money over customer’s satisfaction? As per Mr. Bhalla’s statement, the management has stopped picking up his call and has stopped responding to the messages as well. Here is what Mr. Divaker tweeted disappointingly against the Maruti Suzuki Corp.

Retweet this if you agree with Divaker Bhalla and you think Maruti Suzuki is being money-centric and NOT customer-centric.



Kamya Mallik
Author: Kamya Mallik

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