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The end of last year was pretty exciting for mass Effect series fans after BioWare promised to let fans have an extensive loom on what to expect of Mass Effect: Andromeda. Ever since it was first released at the E3 2015, the title has been the talk of the town. Slated to release in the first quarter of 2017, rumours surround the game has been low except for the month of November that brought exciting news for Mass Effect 4 fans. The creator of the title has hinted that they with the next installment in the series they are going to roll out some of the missing side quests and missing.

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An action role-playing video game developed by BioWare, Mass Effect is one of the most popular video game series. The first title rolled out in 2007. Upon release, the game received critical acclaim from video game publications. It went on to sell over one and a half a million copies within a year. The sequel was named Mass Effect 2, was released in 2010.

One of the things that fans of the series often like to talk about is how expansive the game universe is and how they’d like to explore it more. As per reports, the new installment will be bringing back loyalty mission but they are going to option this time around.

They are going to help you explore the universe, if you intent to do it at all. Game director Mac Walters recently said: “Because they veer off of the critical path, it just allows you to tell very different stories.” Therefore one can very well understand that the mission will be focusing on the character and their origin. This can potentially lead the character to new place for exploration.

Mass Effect 4 will feature different planets that are going to be extensively exportable by players. As per reports by Fabnewz, the players of the tile will receive aid by a rebooted version of the Mako, which is a six feet vehicle from the first game in the series. A new vehicle called Nomad will be seen in Mass Effect: Andromeda. It’s going to be an upgraded version of Mako.

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The vehicle would come handy in dodging environmental hazards and to seek out objects via treacherous journeys. Walters had said: “A big focus for us is making sure that the Nomad handles better, drives better, cascades better – that it has all the nimbleness that the original Mako did without any of the frustrations.” This sounds promising.

The Mass Effect 4 is also set to have drop zones, which will essentially reveal point’s interest on the map of the universe. These points will the players an idea of the places to explore but there are unmarked places too that offer fair chances of exploration. “We don’t want to just give you map markers to follow. We want you to explore, and find things, and stumble upon them,” explains Mike Gamble, the game’s producer. Mass Effect 4 is, likely going to release within the first quarter of 2017 for PS, Windows and Xbox.

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