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Today’s business environment is highly challenging and Darwin’s theory of survival of fittest fits best here. Tough competition at work- place makes it compulsory for you to be innovative and creative or else may find yourself in a jobless soup.

Employees work harder and devote more time working and try to give more than they can to their job and in such attempt, they definitely neglect the inner self and get stressed. It becomes a vicious circle of over- working, stress and lower productivity and again the person believes that he or she is not giving full to the job and may end up hating the job and suffer various psychological and health issues.

So what’s the solution: Meditation!

Productivity can be easily improved through meditation. Meditation is the ultimate gateway to the cosmic energy and regaining inner peace which is the most important aspect for achieving results. Meditation is not a complicated practice but a state of mind where you think about nothing.

Most common way of mediation is by focusing on your breath. Just concentrate on every inhalation and exhalation and shed away any thoughts if they come.

Meditation helps you give better reat your work- place:

1. Deliberation of thoughts helps to replenish inner energy as it evokes the right side of your brain as this the part of the brain which is responsible for generating the creative and innovative ideas. Sounds strange but it’s true that just sitting quietly for few moments improves your performance and keeps you active throughout the day.

2. Regular meditation increases the blood circulation in your brain: if blood does not flow through the vital organs properly then the functionality of the organ is adversely affected as the organ does not receive enough nutrients.

Stress affects the circulation adversely as it shrinks the arteries which lead to a host of problems like high blood pressure, vertigo, numbness, and many cardio -vascular diseases. Severe stress levels can even lead to organ failure and cardiac arrest. Poor blood circulation is caused due long working hours sitting at one place.

Also, stress increases sugar and fat cravings which leads the person to poor eating and drinking habits.

Meditation has been proved to improve the blood circulation to vital organs and most importantly replenishes the brain with a blood good flow and reduces the hyperactivity in the sympathetic nervous system. Meditation lowers the blood pressure and yields best results if meditation is practiced with ‘pranayam’.

3. Meditation slows ageing: strange but it is true that sitting quietly can keep you younger even to the cellular level. Stress shortens the telomeres in your cells that are responsible for age- related diseases. Studies have revealed that people who meditate regularly have increased telomeres length.

So being young at cellular level means better organ system and a healthy body which houses a healthy and result oriented creative brain yielding better results.

4. Meditation helps you plan better: sitting quietly and thinking nothing can really make you a great thinker and planner. It keeps you more focused and improves your concentration.

By meditating regularly you will be able to work with more concentration and increase productivity in the same amount of time.

Amit Kumar
Author: Amit Kumar

Amit is the founder of YoursNews. This is a next generation blog, proved that blogging is an art; focus on valuable ideas and genuine stories, rest everything will fall into place.