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Miss & Mrs Saree Queen 2021 ( Story Contest ) winner – Divya

The little girl “Divya” stood there in excitement to see her mom in 6 yards of pure elegance. Hailing from the southern part of India, on the western coast of Karnataka, Udupi District, and belonging to the community of Shettigars, she grew in surroundings where Saree weaving was the major occupation that her grandma did for a living.  Her mom is an avid worker from 7 am to 5 pm.

Being a mom with unbound love and care managing home and work, her mom left home every morning, wearing the uniform that defined her profession! Divya rarely got to see her mom wearing  Saree. Days when there were weddings to attend, birthday parties, or just family outings Divya found her mom’s colorful sarees lying on the bed for it was time for her mom to get ready for the function. Sometimes it was red Kanchipuram, sometimes shimmery black sarees, sometimes the traditional saree of Kerala, Mysore silk, kalamkari, and whatnot.

These were the days when Divya just stood staring at the sarees unable to take her eyes off. The little girl Divya wished, how beautiful it would be if she could get to see her mom in sarees every day. Divya saw her elegant mom wrapped in sarees and many other women in this attire. One fine day she questioned her mom,” Mom can I wear Saree?”.There came a reply from her mom,” Yes Divya why not?, when u turn big all my sarees are yours! And then you shall have many beautiful trending collections even more than I own.” After the function as Divya’s family reached back home, Divya found her mom’s saree on the bed ready to be folded and return to the cupboard”.

The naughty Divya took advantage of the situation and started wrapping the saree over her, trying to flaunt the 6 yards of elegance. That’s how The little girl got into the journey of wearing sarees! Then came her first 2 collections of saree that her mom gave her at a very young age of 8 years. The little divya did possess 2 sarees at such a young age which she used on play dates with her friends.

As the little Divya grew to reach her teen, it was the farewell party that made her flaunt the  6yards in the public domain. What else can be more memorable for a girl than her first saree as attire in the public sphere? There were the first saree photoshoots that she can never forget. As she got into college pursuing Architecture and Urban Design, Then came many events wherein she wore sarees.

Saree is the symbol for Divya’s true beautiful self. She often gets told you look beautiful in Saree, you should wear it more often! In today’s scenario, Divya feels that western clothes have taken over the traditional Sarees. When in doubt Divya often wonders how can she wear a saree when all her friends choose to wear formal western clothes and dresses for certain events that do not permit wearing sarees, But her journey in the platform organized by Glamour by Sara “Ms. and Mrs. Saree queen” has given answers to all her doubts, Saree is an Attire that is so flexible enough to be altered, modified and styled in any ways that shall fit into any occasions.

From being a simple traditional girl who flaunted sarees in the same manner throughout her life, today Divya has found a new meaning to her saree collections and visions to tell her saree story to the people of this world. All thanks to Glamour by Sara for organizing such amazing grooming sessions. Saree is an idea of an inclusive India. While the traces of historically woven sarees have been on the verge of disappearing, many artisans are continuing the inherit occupation of weaving sarees to preserve the traditional essence of the sarees in India.

Divya sees a woman wrapped in a saree as a symbol of the cultural identity of the country, endorsing the diversity saree brings in different parts of India. Every woman has a story underlying the saree and each story is a story of love and connection that the saree brings with it. She in this beautiful journey of transforming herself through this beautiful Indian attire “Saree”, is thankful to Glamour by Sara for an opportunity to upskill herself to bring out her hidden strength of a bold confident girl ready to rule the world and achieve her dreams.

Amit Kumar
Author: Amit Kumar

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