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Did you remember your teenage days, when parents try to guide you on every single decision or step you have taken in your life and you feel often irritation?

Teenagers always remain miserable group on the festival of Valentine’s Day, the maximum of 21000 responses from teenagers, said that they did not have a lot of love for holiday; almost 13% of teenagers under the age of 15 say that Valentine’s Day is very painful for them, according to the states compile by the social media platforms.

Use of social media ratio goes at their peak at the time of Valentine’s Day, teens always engage their self in gathering gifts for their loved ones without realizing they are not mature enough to make the important decision regarding their love life. Online social media websites and messengers may ruin their lives because in modern age teens become more friendly with the social media tools rather than with their parents. They are not willing to discuss their private matters with their parents; teens prefer their social media relationship with their parents.

Therefore, youngsters are very emotional in their teen’s day and there will be greater chances of being cheated or harmed. Teen’s obsession with Social media websites or messengers like Facebook, twitter, tinder, hike, WhatsApp, Instagram and many others can play a negative role especially on the festivals like Valentine’s Day.

However, parents are the only true friends and lovers of their teens who can guide them properly, but first, they have to know the activities of their young teenagers in order to protect them from any sort of issue.

What sort of expectations teens have on Valentine’s Day?

> Every teen either he or she wants to love or to be loved.
> Teenagers want to buy gifts for their lovers.
> Female teen wants from their lover to do some special stuff for her.
> Single teenagers always wish to have someone on this particular holiday for dating.
> His or her partner proves their love by buying gifts.

What sort of insecurities parents have on Valentine’s DAY:

Parents want to know whom they are going to meet on this day.
They realize that his or her daughter is not mature enough to make the important decision in their life yet.
Parents have feared that may be someone is playing with their teen’s heart.
Bachelor parties are very famous on this day and parents don’t allow their young ones to be a part of without informing them.
They are curious to know why their teens are purchasing expensive gifts without their consultation.

How can parents win their teen’s trust?

Parents should be friendly with their young an emotional teens. They should realize their own teen days. Don’t use harsh words with them; your harsh behaviour will increase the gap between you and you teen. Always search for the moment when they need someone in order to make a suggestion or advice and you should be there. ask them if they have any problem, try to show your love for them indeed they will realize that how much you have to care about them.

Parents can monitor teen’s activities on Valentine’s Day if they don’t want you to be the part of the festival. Being parents if you have concerns then you can easily monitor them.

Parents should know that there are a number of spying apps are available in order to monitor their target device. TheOneSpy is powerful world no.1 spy app which enables you to monitor any sort of IOS and Android device. It has more than 130 features including 16 instant messenger like WhatsApp, Facebook, Kik, hike Tumblr and snap chat etc.. It will give you access to the target device within minutes and you will able to monitor all the activities happen on your target device.

If you think your teens is using some sort of social app in order to make conversations with their friends, then TOS enable you to monitor the text messages, voice and video conversations of all 16 instant messengers. If parents are suspicious regarding their teen’s activities on social media on the occasion of Valentine’s Day than they can record live calls and view call history and by using keylogger feature they can monitor email keystrokes, password keystrokes, and messenger keystrokes of your target device.

On the festival of like Valentine’s Day, there is hustle and bustle everywhere and you want to know where your loved one present at the moment. Then you can use GPS tracking system feature in order to know the exact location of your target device. Bachelor parties of young teens are very trendy on Valentine’s Day festivals, being the parent if you think there can be some drawbacks of this kind of stuff than you can record surrounding sounds and can make short videos with the help of back and front camera through your control panel.

Author Bio:

Angelica fills in as tech and digital parenting expert. She is managing technical content at parents should monitor social media on valentine’s day, listen to live phone calls, and monitor social instant messaging logs. Follow her on twitter @angelicadowson2

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