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Morocco Thwarts Terror Attacks, Arrests 52 Suspected Militants

In a raid Islamic State inspired 52 suspected militants were arrested. This prevented quite a few attacks in North African kingdom. A wide range of weapons and bomb-making materials were seized.

This is the largest arrest of suspected terrorists made so far in last few years. These people have been found to pot attacks both inside and outside Morocco.

The North African kingdom is basically an ally of West in their war against Islamist militancy. Morocco has been on high alert list since 2014. This is when IS established supremacy over huge areas of northern Iraq as well as Syria.

In total of 143 people were investigated out of which 52 were arrested from different Moroccan cities and towns. This information was released by the interior ministry.

These people who have been arrested were planning to set up an Islamic State province i.e. Wilayat in Morocco. They had plans to assassinate the Moroccan security as well as military officers. Tourists were also supposed to be targeted. Prisons as well as festivals were thought to be spoilt.

Central Bureau of Judicial Investigation of Morocco and judicial part of Moroccan domestic intelligence service, has done this excellent job of tracking the suspected militants.

Reena Rawat
Author: Reena Rawat

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