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Mother’s Day and what it Means – May 14th, 2017

A mother, the eternal feminine, she is the universal religion. The universal relationship. Today, even with advanced 21st century medicine motherhood cannot be denied.  We have sperm donors and we have egg donors, yet we need a surrogate. IVF and test tube babies, both need a mother, a mother’s womb. This is not an article about the physical aspects of a mother but about the nature of a motherly relationship. An undying bond, one that does not severe easily.

Mother’s Day May 14th, 2017

Mother’s day is celebrated on the 14th may 2017 across the world to honour this relationship.  This undying love that a mother has for her child. The unconditional love that a mother gives to her children. It is a day about remembering and remembrances. By remembering your mother, we honour that bond, by remembrances or memories, we cherish that same bond of love we feel.

In today’s busy lifestyle we do not have time to honour it everyday as we should… So some decided that one special day we will all remember our mothers and honour her or her memory. Is gifts to you mother on mother’s day just commercial?

A mother is someone who can take anyone’s place, but no can be replaced in her place. Happy Mother’s day

Maybe it is, but can the underlying emotion be commercial? I think not, it tugs at the heart stringing the mother and the child. The simple act of remembering, the gift, it is an act of remembering, all that you would like to do for you mother but cannot because maybe you yourself are now a mother or a father, a parent who has also more responsibilities. This underlying emotion of love and more love can never be commercial, it is unique to each and everyone one of us.

Maybe you are that really good child and maybe your mother is the lucky mother who has contact with you every day.  In today’s world of communication it’s easy, yes very easy to keep contact and mother’s day need not be the only day. We’re all aware that there is the Internet for quick messaging and pictures and the easiest way of Skype or just a mobile call, many forms of communication are available to us today.

Think deeply, can words convey that feeling you feel to your mother everyday? No, it’s the “action” of making that “effort” of a call or Skype to you mother that conveys your emotions to her. Then is not the action of gifting, a special gift, a different way of honouring your mother?

The thoughtfulness behind what you choose as a gift is a very leading emotion that your mother will understand.
Maybe like me, I’m a lover of flowers, I feel every flower conveys a special emotion. Receiving huge bunch of red roses may mean the world to your mother without any words and will make that next skype call to herr even more loving.

Maybe a beautiful bunch of fragrant lilies to your mother, because as you grew up your mother always had lilies around the house?

You can convey to you mother that you remember the childhood spent with her. It is always difficult, especially for men to put in words delicate emotions like these, the memories of childhood, but flowers can convey that very easily.

I’m guessing you’re now understating that mother’s day is not just a commercial moment, advertising moment by companies that want to make a fast buck.

Mother’s day is a day of remembering, cherishing, honouring and loving.

When you grew up and went to school, wasn’t she there to greet you when you came back?
So many mothers make the effort of cutting back their own careers when their children are growing up, they take flexible jobs and sometimes work from home.

All this is the effort that a mother makes to be available for her children.  Maybe you have memories of lovely smells from the kitchen when you came home.. Maybe there was always a bunch of bright yellow flowers on the table or maybe some bright flowers, so send her that bunch of bright flowers and see how beautifully you convey how much that time at the kitchen table meant to you? Maybe as a gift you send her a delightful cookery set too. If you know your mother likes cooking and that you enjoyed her cooking, it’s another way to show appreciation for your mother and the special memories you have shared with her.

Memories are always triggered with gifts and flowers, especially when gifts or flowers are delivered. If you’re lucky enough to make a visit to your mother on mother’s day then of course there is nothing, absolutely nothing that tops that you think? Not quite, coming to meet your mother with a lovely bunch of flowers most certainly tops that.

As we delve further into this mystical relationship that is universal, the one that binds love and motherhood and flowers we realise that all cultures honour this unique relationship.

Some cultures like the Hindu culture in India even has a mother goddess and they have specific and special days of festivities when they honor the Goddess. Flowers are a very essential part of those festivities. In Greek mythology, Gaia also spelled Gaea, is the personification of the Earth and one of the Greek primordial deities. Gaia is the ancestral mother of all life: the primal Mother Earth goddess.

In Western cultures, these traditions are then changed to make some days special for the mothers like Mother’s Day.

Mother’s day is universal and can be celebrated like another festival.

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