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Mothers are the most special person in our lives. They are our providers and have taken care of us right from our childhood. The occasion of Mother’s Day gives us an opportunity to acknowledge and thank them for all they have done for us. Spending special time with them is one of the best ways to celebrate the occasion.

Although often mistaken to be strict and overbearing, Mothers are really understanding and caring people. They are not only our providers and guardians but our best friends too who has always been there in our hour of need. Self sacrificing and dedicated, our welfare has always been their sole concern and they always have our best interests in mind. Parenting is not an easy task but our mothers have done it with a smile always and expecting nothing in return. We owe it all to our Mothers whatever success we have in our lives today. But we often fail to acknowledge our gratitude to these wonderful people in the hustle and bustle of day to day life.

Mothers Day

The occasion of Mother’s Day presents us with an excellent opportunity to redeem this and make good to our mothers. The day is a celebration of motherhood and female parenting. It is a worldwide occasion in recognition of the contribution that Mothers and father figures make to the lives of their children. Mother figures include step-Mothers, Mothers-in-law, grandmothers, and even other male relatives and acquaintances. Although the date of celebration differs from country to country, many of them observe this day on the third Sunday in June. The idea of a special day to celebrate fatherhood originated from the USA.

The occasion is celebrated in a whole lot of different ways; some people visit their Mothers, while others give cards, flowers or other gifts, such as clothing, sporting equipments or watches. On Mother’s Day people make a special effort for their Mothers to make it more memorable and worthwhile for her. Mother’s Day is a relatively modern concept, so different families have different traditions ranging from simple phone calls or greetings card to large parties and family gatherings where they prepare meals and distribute gifts around. Many cultural societies arrange special functions and other Mother’s Day celebrations to stress the important role of Mothers in the life of children and society in whole.

Happy Mothers Day

And with the important role our mother has played in our lives, doing something meaningful on the occasion of Mother’s day is the least we could do for her. Of all things Mothers love spending special time with their kids. They love to hear our stories, our challenges and tales of our successes, and on this day a special outing for the two of you would be just delightful for your dad. Treat her to movie and a nice dinner at a restaurant or simply hang out with her at his favorite place, whether it is the local pub or the park. Arrange a special Mother’s Day cake and surprise her with this sumptuous treat. Most Mother’s Day cakes can be personalized to your specifications and the cake for Mother’s day may be enlivened with a special message that you have chosen exclusively for your mother. A gift of a Mother’s Day cake will add the necessary festivity to this special occasion and make your dad feel appreciated and well loved. He will be delighted with your thoughts and efforts to make the day truly special for her and adore you more for it.

Reena Rawat
Author: Reena Rawat