Mysterious ‘Underwater Wall’ That Circles the ENTIRE Planet Found on Google Earth


Nature never fails to amaze us. With the help of improved technology, humans are able to find some jaw-dropping structures. UFOs, pyramids, gigantic towers, petroglyphs, and sunken cities are some examples which are found only on Google Earth. Some underwater pyramids which were even bigger than those on the Giza Plateau have been found. Now, in a recent research by Google Earth, an underwater wall that circles the entire planet has been found.

In any case, in light of the fact that the suggestions are so stunning, the confirmation that demonstrates the truth of the wall must be past contestation.

A significant number of these revelations have been properly clarified away by “Google Earth glitches” sometime recently, in substantial part in light of the fact that the scene made by the sewing of different photographic pictures once in a while delivers really improbable—and mistaken—comes about.

Mysterious ‘Underwater Wall’

Computer programming is awesome at making clearly consistent and impeccable pictures, yet some of the time it must influence advanced theories and rectifications keeping in mind the end goal to do as such.

Google Earth is unleashing the imagination of people around the globe every day. On this “underwater wall” people around the globe have two different thinking.

One is the wall’s sheer size and its adherence to linearity indicate it is not a natural formation and the other hand many individuals are persuaded that because of the various revelations made over the globe which totally repudiate history as we have been educated in school, something like this is completely possible.

Earth is millions of years old and we are still trying to figure it out many unsolved mysteries and are waiting for new findings which would change the perception of the people towards the earth totally.

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