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As we all know that betting is legally illegal in India. Betting or gambling is almost illegal in most of India. But the law which states that betting is illegal in India was last amended many years ago and there is no law which states that online betting is illegal. This loophole is used by several online betting companies and they are easily luring people to bet online on almost everything. There are numerous websites that have hooked up with several offshore agencies involved in betting services and they will allow Indians to bet online. 

An interesting fact about online cricket betting in India especially IPL is that not only the end results but you can bet on almost every aspect. As in, you can bet on the toss results, the fate of the bowlers, and sometimes even on the odds of a batsman scoring a hundred. The question of whether online betting is legal or not in India still lingers in the minds of several people. To answer this, the websites clearly mention points where they explain how it facilitates online betting. Using the same strategy several casino online India​ also​ regulates. Though bookmakers are illegal in India, the law laid down in India doesn’t state that placing an online bet with a bookmaker based outside India is banned. 

All such agencies take successful online bets from betting accounts with Indians addresses. Catching offenders who are involved in internet gambling is very difficult. Since the servers are located in countries where gambling is absolutely legal. Enforcing the act is problematic when services are provided by offshore servers. Moreover, an undeniable fact that if an Indian resident is betting on a website that is hosted on a server outside the country he/she cannot be found guilty. It is very difficult to hold the person guilty who places online bets on a website that is hosted in a country which allows online gambling. 

Online betting tips

You can win a cricket bet easily by following below mentioned tips and tricks. 

  • Don’t stick to a single bookmaker, shop around and try your luck at different places. Brand loyalty has a greater emphasis on the betting world. Don’t let the bookmakers let you believe that you should not try other bookmakers. 
  • Make fewer selections so that your chances of winning increases. Think small if you are really betting to make money and want to win. Make selection of only one team if you can stake enough. 
  • Know about the bits and pieces of the sport and ensure that you are aware of the game inside out. It will help you prepare better to spot good value markets. 

The purpose is indeed to find the best value for your money. Whether it is related to the right prices, the correct market or just the right moment to bet on something. To make the most of your gambling experience, place just the right bet and follow the instructions properly. Observe well to win big!

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