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New and Modern Features Provided By Indian Railways

Indian Railways is the most depended upon transportation service in the country. It is affordable, convenient and fast, thus attracting large numbers of crowds to travel all across the country. The train journey is preferred by many people because it is comfortable and also cost-effective. The Indian Railways has come a long way since it was introduced in 1853. Today the government runs almost 12,617 trains in the country which cover a distance of 115,000 km in track length.

Over the years, the Railways have introduced different and modern amenities which together make your train journey easy and comfortable. Each year, a new technology is introduced to improve the quality of service given by the railways.

Here are some of the modern features provided by Indian railways

Deen Dayalu coaches –

The quality of travel for the general class is improved by these coaches. These are modern unreserved coaches with many basic facilities such as potable drinking water, coat hooks, cushioned luggage racks, bio toilets, additional handhold in doorway area and mobile charging points. These coaches will be seen in mail and express trains.
Semi-high speed engines –

Trains like the Gaiman Express have been introduced with semi-high speed engines. These engines will take just 100 minutes to reach Agra from Delhi at 200 km distance. The train is equipped with the 5,500HP electric locomotive. Along with this come the executive AC chair cars and AC coaches. The train consists of the high-power emergency braking system, GPS-based passenger information system, an automatic fire alarm.

Green fuel –

In order to lower the pollution of the environment, Indian Railways has taken a positive step by introducing the first CNG train. It was launched for the Rewari- Rohtak section in the Northern zone.  This is a step towards reducing greenhouse gas emission caused by the Railways. It will also lower the consumption of diesel. 1,400 HP engine is modified to run on dual fuel that is diesel and CNG. Fumigation technology is used to make this possible.

Private food catering –

Food has always been a complaint on trains. Bad quality of food will put off many passengers from opting for the train journey. To avoid this, the Railways have hired private caterers to provide food on board. The companies like TravelKhana, Mera Food Choice, etc. offer the services to the train passengers to get food of their choice and that too from their choice of restaurants. So, you can now order pizzas and pasta on your train journey, which will be delivered to your coach.

Project Nilgiri

Joining hands with Google, the Indian Railways have are now ready to provide free Wi-Fi for all their passengers. Wi-Fi hotspots will be set up at 400 railway stations across India. All passengers can avail this facility for free and can get live train status also. You will have to just verify your mobile number through a one-time password through an SMS.

These are some of the most needed and modern facilities that the Indian railways have come up in the recent times to move along with the flow. Needless to say, the passengers are very happy with these perks.

Reena Rawat
Author: Reena Rawat