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Without any second thought, flowers are just the perfect kind of gift that bring freshness to any kind of occasion, festival or situation.

Here are some of the occasions, when flowers stand out to be the best kind of gift. Have a look and shower flower gifts on your loved ones.

Birthday: Buying something expensive doesn’t make that gift valuable always. Flowers are beautiful, elegant, and expressive in many ways. They emote the exact feelings of love and regards to your loved ones in a massive way. So, next time on your darling’s birthday, you can surprise with some fresh flowers. You may opt for some online gift shops and get online flower delivery in Canada in case that person lives there. Choose the bright colors like orange, yellow, or red because birthday celebration should be full of life and energy.

Anniversary Flowers in Canada

Anniversary: This is definitely the day of celebration and a lavish gift must be ready for the same. Along with that don’t forget to include the precious bouquet of red roses or red tulips because they speak way more than words. To wish your friend or relative on their anniversaries, you can combine a cake with flowers.

House-warming: Generally, people would think of gifting something related to home décor to congratulate on house-warming occasion. But flowers would be equally good for this great day of celebration. You can choose the white lilies or gardenia. You can gift a flowering plant as a gift that would always keep the home a fragrant one.

Valentine’s Day: No couple can dare to miss a flower gift on this auspicious day of love. Red roses sell the most on this day. You can think of gifting a heart shaped arrangement of red roses to woo your sweetheart in the loveliest way.

Flowers to Canada

I am Sorry: There are times when you really feel guilty for saying or doing something bad towards your lover. This is the moment when a flower gift works like a healing ointment. Pick up a mixture of yellow and red flowers and convey your heartfelt “Sorry” to him/her.

Customs to follow before selecting the flower gift:

Flowers are the most beautiful objects of our planet and they are used as gifts for many centuries. But there are certain customs that you must keep in mind before finalizing the floral gift for your loved ones.

Selecting the perfect kind of flower is very important. There are many hidden meanings of a flower. For example, white roses are generally thought to be a mourning flower that is carried during funerals in our country and thus you cannot get that for your loved ones on any happy occasion.


Every flower is not meant for everyone or every occasion and to understand this fact, you must study the implication of each and every color and flower type. To show your romantic love you have to pick up red roses and for your friends, you must pick up the yellow ones. Daisies embodies loyal love that can be presented to long distance lovers. So, in case he/she stays in Canada, get that delivery of flower in Canada.

The number of flowers also have a role to play in your gift selection. Single flowers are meant for lovers while 13 should be strictly avoided for its black history. And in most Asian countries, the number 4 is considered unlucky and you should never gift a bouquet of 4 flowers.

Reena Rawat
Author: Reena Rawat

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