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With everything getting online, ordering food has also found a new way. You can now order food online with just one click and can save yourself from the attack of hunger. If you are a food lover then online food ordering will help you to munch on some really delicious and lip smacking food while sitting at home. In this technological era, Swiggy is one such food delivering app that helps you to deliver food from nearby restaurants.

About Swiggy – Your hunger savior

Swiggy was founded recently with the thought of providing a complete food ordering solution. The app has become popular since then and is growing with 9000+ restaurants working with them. You will see that ordering food with Swiggy is very simple and you get to order food from different cuisines, different restaurants in just one click.

The app helps you to take a virtual food tour of all the restaurants nearby and the cuisine and delicacies they are serving. Apart from that you will see that Swiggy is super fast and get you food in no time. The app has become a great hunger savior and you can always rely on them to deliver your food on time to satisfy your hunger.

Amazing features of Swiggy

If you are new to Swiggy and haven’t used the app before then you can follow the below details about the app and you can get started with it:

  • Swiggy app is available on Play Store and it is free to download and use.
  • The app is very simple and user friendly which means anyone can use this app.
  • You have to create a Swiggy account and you can then go ahead with it.
  • Then feed your location and start searching for various nearby restaurants and order your choice of food.
  • After placing the order they will show you the expected time of delivery which is very minimum and after for a small wait your food is delivered.
  • The best part of Swiggy is that there is no minimum delivery so that you can order any amount of food which is not there with restaurants.
  • You can pay online or you can pay cash on delivery as per your convenience. You also get Swiggy offers on referring your friends.
  • There are various Swiggy coupons offered which you can use to order food from Swiggy online.

Why order food from Swiggy?

It is not always possible for you to cook food or to go out and have some. For that reason you can always rely on Swiggy. It is also suitable for you because you can order minimum required food whereas in restaurants the minimum ordering of food is Rs 300 or Rs 400 or more depending on restaurant to restaurant. So, if you are hungry then Swiggy is your real time hunger savior. Taste the Swiggy food and satisfy your big fat belly while staying at home or work without effecting anything or making any effort.

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