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How Online Proctoring can be the Best Platform for Hiring

by Reena Rawat

Nowadays, online exams are gaining more popularity in the recruitment sector. It has been noted that there are many companies that offer the best of the solutions in terms of recruitment. But still, there are many companies that are not aware of the recruitment process and end up choosing personal interview as a source to hire the candidate. However, in reality, the concept is totally different.

With the personal interview there is more risk of wrong hiring and if you want to choose a good source then it is better that you select a professional online proctored solution.

Know more about online proctoring:

Online proctoring is same as that of the offline proctoring. It is considered to be a regular service that focuses completely on safeguarding the integrity of the exam. It is usually undertaken in an area where there is no specific location. The exam is noticed via webcam or there is some special security attached to such type of test. To use this type of examination, you need to first understand its process and how can it be beneficial.

The first step is to make sure that you choose the right provider. It is not a difficult task and you have to focus on the certain area where you would want the candidates to be assessed mostly.

You need to make sure that the services which you select in terms of recruiting are well secured which would not only prevent cheating but ensure that authenticity of the candidate is checked. Online proctored exam is all about the digital forms of assessments that help you to sit for the exam irrespective of the location. During this test, with such software, you can test the different number of candidates at one time without needing them to come to the office. It is one reliable option which does not have any risk of fraud. Not only this, it offers the better monitoring solution which can be used for tracking down through video. There are different types of it that you might want to know such as:

Live proctoring

It is more like a real exam setting which watches you as you write the exam. The proctor during such solution intervenes when he notices things that are unusual just like any type of real classroom.

Subsequent proctoring

Under this section, the logs and images are captured as a part of test recording. Later on, a proctor can make the assessment on whether the candidate did any kind of fraud or not.

Automated proctoring

Under this section, the software can decide the best possible fraud in a fraction of seconds. It can allow you know whether there is any third party software that has been used or you are working in any other person’s room.

The reason behind conducting such type of option is it offers better flexibility. You don’t have to make the candidates wait for a long time or worry on comparing the candidates. It is the best recruitment system you can have so make the best use of it.