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Is Your Partner Cheating on you with Someone?

It has been among the official statements that, “Everyone would know about your spouse, but you won’t know anything about your spouse.” These relations are as weak as the weakest link. No matter how old is the relation, but the weakest link gives the least of the breaks.

Suspicion can lead to some distractions, problems and creates the most of the weakest links. Being in a general questionnaire, one could definitely think of reasons that why would couples cheat on each other, and especially with the help of the custodian staff? Unfortunately, such cases happen in the connubial lifestyle.

Why Would Partners Cheat?

Curiosity roams around the discussion that why would a partner cheat with the help of the domestic staff members such as the cleaning lady, cook or the babysitter. Some questions would arouse:

** Probably the partner is indulged in other relational

** Apparently, the partner wants to conceal his or her sexual behavior with another person

** Probably there is some fiscal matter involved, and the partner is in the greed to gain such, for instance, the insurance claims

** Probably the partner had started dating a cousin, which he or she is up to keep conceal

** Probably the partner could be involved in those acts which are not liked by the spouse, such as gambling or drinking.

Learn about the Cheat:

Sometimes it’s pretty hard to know about the ongoing cheat because of the involvement of two or more guys. At times some covert spectator could inform about the cheat. However, these suspicions increase curiosity rather than bringing a solution.

The spouses are in the age of the digital world. They should maneuver their moves according to the digital age, instead of the conventional family tactics.

Digital Move:

TheOneSpy is the highly recommended spy app for the spouses. It helps them in monitoring and invigilating their cheating spies and plan out everything according to the situation to realign everything. The app is pretty much economical and provides the best features than the rest of the apps.

It’s better to grab a monitoring app such as TheOneSpy and be sure about the relation instead of being in hunches and fables.

How Could the Cheat Traced?

Once the spouse has installed TheOneSpy on his or her phone and started to spy on the partner, the doors of wisdom and knowledge upon the spouse. It will provide all the necessary information that the spouse would need to understand the weak links and plan a cognitive move according to the situation.

Involvement of Custodian Staff:

Being the Cook, Cleaning Lady or the Nanny being involved in the case make the moves a bit harder as one is tackling two. But when it becomes sure of the involvement of the custodian staff, something could be done to them to be in the relation smoothly, like

*  Sending them on vacation
*  Make them do more task than normal
*  Keep the grocery shopping high for them
*  Show that you are watching them keenly so that they may get attentive to work then something else

Unfortunately, some cases need the staff to be fired

Depending on the situations, any of the tricks can be followed or the most reasonable one could be created.

Special Cases:


Some cheats are involved in the special cases. They include calamity, patience, and intelligence of the spouse; otherwise, the consequences are horrible.

Such cases might involve:

  • Cheat for insurance claims
  • Cheat for property inheritance
  • Cheat for mutual investments
  • Cheat for mutual business gains

The fiscal issues could result in anything. The spouse is direly supposed to get the local authorities involved in such a case to get him or herself safe rather than involving into something dangerous or deadliest.

The recent of the example can be grabbed from Surrey in the UK where a 38-year-old spouse was stabbed to death. Authorities reached the conclusion that she was stabbed by a custodian staff member on the command of her husband for the sake of inheritance of a luxurious property.

Instead of relying on sluggish discussions and gossips, its best to attain TheOneSpy so that each and every move should be planned accordingly and the lives could be saved.


Aline Carrara is social media experimentalist and working as a blogger on TheOneSpy Blog. Her work on “How to make relationships strengthen with monitoring apps” get a huge popularity among her readers. To know more about her follow her on Twitter @AlineCarrara7