Perk Up Summer Coffee with a Variety of Milks


Nothing can perk up your summer faster than cooling down with a delicious, frosty coffee drink.


But if by the end of that first heatwave you’re feeling bored with your sweet sips, change them up by using one of the many milks or milk substitutes currently available.


Beyond the Soy – Plant-based Milks


You’re relegated to soy or almond milks at your local coffee shop for plant-based options, but at home, the sky’s the limit.


To add a rich mouthfeel with just a hint of coconut, blend in a bit of pure coconut milk from a can. Make sure you stir well before using this delicious milk so the coconut cream dissolves.


For a no-fuss solution, buy commercial coconut milk in a carton and simply pour.

If you like a delicate, nutty flavor that will add a dose of fiber to your brew, add a splash of oat milk. Oat milk is also high in protein, and although it doesn’t froth well in hot coffee drinks, it is perfect for those delicious iced lattes.


For the adventurous among you, try some hemp milk. Creamier than soy, hemp milk adds a subtle nuttiness with a nice dollop of nutrients. Don’t worry — this milk is completely legal.

Make Mine Moo — Traditional Milk Choices


Sometimes you might just prefer the old-stand by — traditional cow’s milk. But even cow’s milk comes in several varieties, each with its own pros and cons.


Full-fat, or whole, milk is a crowd-pleaser. With a rich taste and creamy texture, it adds decadence to any iced coffee. Unfortunately, it also adds a heaping helping of calories and fat.


If you’re calorie-conscious but still have a hankering for that full, creamy flavor, you can step down to 2%, or even 1%, milk. These choices give you substantial savings in the fat and calorie column without sacrificing too much in taste.


Now, if you’re set on the lowest possible fat and calories, choose skim milk. Not the best choice for hot coffees because it waters down the drink, skim milk can still be an asset in cold brews.

Since iced coffees add a bit of water to the mix anyway, just add a bit less ice if you’re using skim and your drink will remain as strong as you like it.


If you’re extra-sensitive about the strength, just pre-chill your coffee in the fridge overnight. That way, your ice will stay more solid and the skim milk will add a touch of flavor.


A Manitowoc Ice Machine Makes It Easy


Making iced coffees with delicious milks is so much easier with a commercial icemaker.


Whether you prefer an “on-the-rocks” coffee beverage or you like your iced brew whipped frappe style, a Manitowoc ice machine provides clear, taste-free ice that will accent any beverage.


Available in cubes, flakes, or nuggets, Manitowoc ice machines make it easy to chill out with your favorite blend.

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