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Which Prime Minister’s Jacket is Yours?

True, there might not be as much variety in men’s apparel as there is in women’s clothing. Nevertheless, they tend to create their own fashion statements, which tend to leave long-term impressions on the onlookers’ mindsets. Oh, yes, the contemporary male is highly fashion conscious, unlike his earlier counterparts! Above all, even people in high positions, like Prime Ministers, are not immune!

He Popularised it Then

Now, who is this “He”? The reference is to Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India. What did he popularise? He popularised the famous Nehru Jacket, of course!

Yes, this unique jacket was his contribution towards men’s fashions in the 20th century. Unlike the standard jacket, this piece of clothing featured a mandarin collar. The 2.5-cm tall collar could not be turned down. Furthermore, it did not have a lapel. The collar was fastened to the jacket with its single or double vents, with the aid of a hook. The rows of buttons in the front only added to the dignity and clean look of the clothing item. Matched with a collarless shirt and the correct pair of trousers, this unique jacket caused quite a sensation in those days! Every Indian wanted it in his wardrobe, both, during, and after British Raj! While they may have preferred diverse hues, the then Prime Minister never deviated from his standard choices of grey or black. Probably, he felt that they suited the soberness of the political arena better!

He has Popularised it Today

Once again, you are wondering, who is this second “He”! This time round, the reference is to India’s current Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. He believes in looking good all the time, whether it is just for giving attendance in Parliament, speaking at rallies or mingling with foreigners in their native places. Towards this end, he always appears in neat, well-ironed and crisp jacket covering matching kurtas. Furthermore, they are half-sleeved, such that the beauty of the jacket is not lost.

Now, is the jacket of a different pattern from the original Nehru Jacket then? No, it is not! It is the same! The only difference is that Mr. Modi prefers to keep himself bright looking, via diverse shades. They include peach, sky blue, chrome yellow, light orange and red. The style has caught on so much within both, the political circle and outside it that people have been referring to this item of clothing as the Modi Jacket! Cabinet members, followers of the BJP and fans across the world, emulate his example. Cashing in on the trend, boutiques at Sarojini Nagar marketplace in Delhi, display such jackets prominently. As per the admission of the person in charge of Khadi Gramodyog Bhavan, they go all out to promote them!

It appears that Prime Minister Modi has managed to make a tremendous impact on the national and international landscapes, thanks to his political acumen plus sense of fashion. The Modi Jacket has inspired fashion brands like Chanel, Marchesa, etc, to make it a part of their fashion shows. Even Hollywood stars, such as Mike Myers, Sean Connery, etc, have begun to sport a similar style. ‘Brand’ magazines like Vogue have noticed the passion for fashion exhibited by India’s Prime Minister and commented upon it. However, this is not all. Even the Chinese President, Xi Jinping felt fascinated enough to don it, while touring India, especially Gujarat! Mr. Modi had presented it to him.

It does not matter what the jacket is called, for it has been a success in the fashion world, is a success today, and promises to be a success in future too.

Reena Rawat
Author: Reena Rawat

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