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Productivity Enhancement Gets Interesting – Enterprise Video Platforms

Leverage the Power of Videos for Corporate Communication, Marketing, Employee Training, Operations, and More

In a highly competitive business environment, organizations today tend to lookout for innovative ways to enhance their operational productivity. The best way of doing so is harnessing the power of visual management though enterprise video platforms. This is a highly potent method that organizations have at their disposal to increase horizontal and vertical communication in their business.

The deployment of this technology increases employee participation and enhances new idea generation. These technologies help the enterprise to exchange high value contents securely within their internal firewall system. Enterprise video delivery platforms are participant-based systems that an organization has, where inter-employee transfer of video is facilitated by the nodal architecture of the platform.

The platform enables peer to peer sharing of high impactful video in a single click. The technology does not require the intervention of IT department, thus providing employees with flexibility. It gives a built-in content management tool which helps in smooth editing of videos. The same can be shared instantaneously by an internal video library system. For external delivery, cloud based solutions are also available. These flexibilities can be leveraged to extract maximum productivity in the domain of corporate communication, marketing, employee training, operations, and more.

The technology enables marketing managers to create a visual campaign of a product and launch it externally. They have the power to embed important messages, questionnaires and advanced graphics into the video, making it more impactful. Strategically placed pop-ups may be used to inspire potential customer for the purchase. It incorporates a 360 degree view of the promotional strategies, making the process robust and increasing productivity. A video promotion like this cuts the cost of expensive advertising, by giving decision makers, in-house tools to formulate strategy.

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All this is controlled by a server, which acts as the central nervous system of the platform. Every video created, transmitted and viewed leaves a log in the server. For increased security, user rights are partitioned. It is a tried and tested method, that productivity of the organization can be increased best through employee training–on job or scheduled. However, training involves cost of hiring an experienced industry expert, providing infrastructure and disruption of work schedule. Enterprise video platform provides just the right kind of support to address these challenges.

The HR manager may arrange a simple webcam and record the training by the industry expert, one time. The same can be distributed over the platform for the intended viewers and feedback obtained, hence, saving cost and time. There are many critical processes in a manufacturing unit. Although induction training is imparted to every employee, chances are likely that they will falter while doing the same on job. To address this problem, smart organizations are adopting the technology of enterprise video platform. A production floor supervisor might make a video of the best way to perform a certain operation and stream it on a live screen. One may also assign voice command to each frame. Special instruction in terms of text may be also provided to facilitate better understanding.  In this way, the employees will get constant on-the-job training on the right way to do the task. By drawing a reference of the job done by a certain employee to the video content, training need identification may be found out.

Moreover, this platform does not need an enormously complicated system to function. It can be configured on to the basic system environment an organization may be having, thus avoiding the possibility of high maintenance cost. Therefore, driving into the future, where the processes are complex and real-time, a technology like this is always welcoming to leverage maximum productivity.

Reena Rawat
Author: Reena Rawat

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