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Promise rings for him, or the pre engagement rings, both of the rings are same but called with different names. However, the zest behind the both is same- sharing the love bond and promising their lives together ever after. So, if the rings seem to be that much special then why would not you put a little effort while buying them.

Okay, so you are ready to put that extra effort but you want to know the story behind. Do not worry; we will take as far as you want. We will see every aspect of these rings and how you can buy the best one for your loving Bae.

A walkthrough into the concept of matching promise rings for him and her

These rings simply entail the concept of committing the relationship and giving it a happy ending that is often called as marriage. These rings are the unique symbol of commitment and the definition of these rings vary from person to person. But as the common zest remains the same, these are more like the bonds that keep safe the promises of being together.

What does history tell about the engraved promise rings for him?

If you explore the backdate history, the concept of these rings is found to be precisely from several hundred years. Earlier in 16th century, generally, these rings used to be the promise rings with love poems and names of the couples together. Studded with ruby and diamonds, these rings used to be the matching rings for him and herso the sharing love has common essence.

So, from then to yet, these are carried as same, more like the token of love, life and commitment.

Choosing the promise rings for him and her sets

As these rings signify the bonds between both the partners and hence, the selection of both sets matters a lot. Let me take you to the journey of selection of rings for him and her.

Selecting rings for her

There is a lot of difference between buying the rings for women and men, where women actually have a lot of ifs and buts while men are crystal clear about their rings. Therefore, while selecting the rings for women, make sure you focus much about the metals and designs as women are choosy. However, to be very precise, be a bit choosy and choose diamond for sure.

Selecting rings for him

Now comes the turn of the men who are a bit easy about their rings and wedding bands. Therefore, no such effort is required but still, gold rings for him and black rings for him can make him happy if given. You can also add a bit of customization by engraving it each other’s name.


Commitment is the thing that everybody looks in his or her partner. So, committo him with the promise rings. He is going to get crazy on your selection. But yes, do not forget that the relationship does matter more than giving rings.

Reena Rawat
Author: Reena Rawat