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Who could have imagined a day when humans would be locked inside their homes to let nature enjoy her part? Did we ever predict our days when the fresh air would no longer be under our possession? Could we ever think that we would be imprisoned and restricted to even feel the fresh air in the open freely? Who do we blame today when things un-imagined have become the reality?

Yes, we are imprisoned today- imprisoned by ourselves in fear of our extinction. Even if law won’t force, we are bound to lock ourselves in to save our lives. How do we feel today? Yes, we are all quarantined. And, there is no other way to survive and let mankind survive. We need to make peace with nature now, put ourselves behind the bars and let her enjoy her rights. We must accept this as running away from the truth will not make us free.

Let us accept the truth, let nature heal and we stay in to cope with the threatening situation. Corona is the most powerful weapon today and no ammunition can defeat this. We need only a careful strategy to win over the virus and enjoy our space again in the open air. And, the strategy today is nothing more than social distancing.

Yes, when we had forced nature to distance herself from her properties, we must bear this distance today. We must let the virus fail to affect our lives. We must rise above politics and religion today as no God will come to free you as the almighty is not happy with our deeds. It’s time we prove our love for humanity, stay united though distanced socially to make our space amidst nature, learn from our mistakes and begin a balancing life.

How do we do it? We hate the bars. We hate to be caged but love to cage others. We love to cage the birds and animals but stay frustrated when we are caged today. Aren’t we hypocrites? We wouldn’t agree still, as we are above everyone. Aah! We are humans- the most powerful beings on this earth. Why not prove ourselves to be the most powerful by defeating the tyranny of corona on this earth then? Can we do it?

Yes, we can. But we need to think and act unitedly today. Let us accept the punishment. Let us keep ourselves locked for a period and compensate to give justice to the Nature. Let us maintain social distancing. Let us quarantine ourselves. Let us adopt some mantras to make the best use of this quarantine period.

Mantra 1: Stay positive and keep your hopes alive. Accept the truth and bow down to nature.

Mantra 2: Wake up early in the morning. Look at the sun rising proudly enveloping the earth. Join your hands and thank for the beautiful morning.

Mantra 3: Meditate. It helps the mind to stay away from negativity.

Mantra 4: Exercise. You can’t go out. Welcome Yoga. Thanks to internet. With one click, you can learn the important asanas. Staying fit is very important to boost your immune system. The more immune you are, the stronger you are to fight the virus.

Mantra 5: Have simple breakfast with green or black tea. It will keep you healthy and you will not feel the need to go out and buy luxury items for food. You don’t even need milk. Hence, stay in.

Mantra 6: Drink plenty of water. It will help you to stay less hungry, defeat dehydration and will keep your digestion clear even if you do not go out for walk. Moreover, it will keep your skin rejuvenating.

Mantra 7: Listen to good music and start doing all your work by yourself. Mend your bed, clean your room, maintain your garden, cook food and the chores which will keep you busy and you will not have any urge to go out and wander.

Mantra 8: Inculcate the habit of reading. Reading will let your mind stay stable, enhance your knowledge and of course it is a good hobby. You can try writing too.

Mantra 9: Eat on time so that you do not feel the urge of having junk food.

Mantra 10: The most important mantra- spend time with your family. Talk, play, watch a movie together, involve yourself in creative tasks which can be together accomplished with fun. For example, collect the waste materials of your house, or the empty bottles, distribute the tasks among members and make products of décor using your creative skills.

Mantra 11: Talk. Call your friends and relatives whom you rarely get time to talk to due to your busy schedule. Build your bonds strong and spread awareness, hopes and positivity.

Mantra 12: Do not forget to pray for the ones who are under the grip of your enemy-corona.

Mantra13: Be grateful. Write a word of gratitude daily before sleeping who are providing their services and fighting on the grounds against to free you and let you live. This will help you to kill your frustration and strengthen your patience capacity to stay in and fight the war against the covid.

People who are working from home can plan your routine with the above mantras accordingly.

Remember, you have no right to bleat unnecessarily, complain and welcome depression when you are responsible for letting your Mother Earth suffer and degrade Nature.

Someone rightly said, ‘The earth is under renovation. It will make a grand opening.’

Wait for the earth to heal. Let nature recoup. Till then, accept your quarantine punishment which is a blessing in disguise for you to realize, learn and begin a beautiful life again.

Stay united, socially distanced, stay in and stay safe!

Mousumi Sachdeva
Author: Mousumi Sachdeva

The Author of The Pride of Being Different, Love Remains Undefined and Making Impossible Possible, and the Poet of The Blend of the Real and Imagination(Poetry Book), Mousumi Kalita Sachdeva serves as Skill Development Trainer, author, an international poet, a columnist, motivational speaker and the Editor at Damick ,a Self-Publishing House and the Traditional Publishing Head Editor of Turquoise Publication.