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Questions to Ask Your Dealer Before Buying a Brand New Car

Buying a brand new car is not a rash decision. You save up, research, and do a lot of thinking before settling to the idea that you’re actually ready for this type of investment.

After checking the car’s availability, there are still a few steps you need to make before you drive away with a brand new car.

Here’s a list of guide questions you should ask to make sure you’re not going to regret your purchase.

  1. Does it have the features I need?

At the get-go, you should buy the car that you want, but a smarter way to approach this is to check if it has the features you’re looking for such as engine performance, oil tank capacity, sound system, seat belt warnings, navigation, and sensor keys among others.

It also relies on your usage. Think about the types of environment (city, terrains, rough roads) where you’ll be driving this car around.

  1. What are the car’s safety features?

Surely, you want your family to be safe when driving the car. If not, this should number in your list of questions to ask your dealer.

Read up online if there are accidents involving the car you’re eyeing. In this way, you’re prioritizing yourself and your family’s safety.

There are a lot of safety precautions you should consider like airbags, automatic locks, electronic stability control, anti-lock brakes, and safety alerts.

  1. How do I pay for it?

Initially, know the price and all the other fees (sales tax, documentation and state licensing fee) you have to pay and know the different payment options available.

While you may opt to pay it in full, it’ll be easier to divide it into portions (monthly). Also, this depends on your budget and current financial capacity. You can inquire about loans and look up your best options with your dealer’s finance office.

  1. How long is the warranty coverage?

You’ll never know if the car has malfunctions or factory errors until it arrives. You should have the safety net of insurance by applying for car insurance that will cover you in case of accidents and other problems. Dealers usually offer three years or 30,000 miles as basic warranty.

Moreover, the offered warranty depends on the model, year, and manufacturer. It’s important to read the warranty coverage before you sign.

  1. Is it available for a test drive?

Your eyes are set on this car, but it’s still a different feeling when you’re the one behind the wheel. As both a driver and passenger, you need to check the car’s legroom. You can also test out the car knobs and various switches.

You can check crucial driving functions such as the engine start, tires, brake fluid, suspension, and shifting gears when you take the car for a spin.

If you’re still undecided after going into the nitty-gritty details of buying a brand new car, then you can ask for a second opinion from a colleague or a professional vehicle technician.


After all, you’re not buying candy from a shop. This is a purchase that will affect your life and your family’s for quite some time.


Reena Rawat
Author: Reena Rawat