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Today, whether you turn on the Radio or TV news; open up a newspaper or walk through the internet, y out will possibly come across some sort of information related to the stock marketing. This concept of trade marketing is everywhere in our day today lives. But do you really know what this stock market is? Do you have any idea about the stocks which are purchased and sold in this industry?Does a good day in Stock marketing have any impact on your business?

These are certain things which revolve around all the time. Most of the people are today trying their hand in stock marketing. There are even fellows who take Stock market trading training for a better understanding. But you know the answers to such questions are not always clear once an individual starts to ponder about what stocks are.

You Become an Owner, really?

You might have heard that to own stock means that you have become an owner of a particular company. But what does it really mean? Does it mean that being an owner you fairly walk into one of the offices of a business and take home some stuff? Would you be having an authority of hiring and firing people?Of course, in case you just possess a tiny number of shares, you just own a tiny percentage of a company. But what if an individual owns a majority of shares could he then take stuff home or recruit or fire a person?

Under the Carpet things!

Well, you might have heard that a stock is a share in ownership of a firm. The stock signifies a claim on the earnings and assets of a company. As you obtain more stock, your ownership stake in the firm becomes greater. But this is not all; there are many things under the carpet.

To begin with, stock holders never own a company; they just own shares issued by companies. But companies are a special kind of organization because law treats them as the legal persons. In simple words, companies file taxes, can own property, can borrow, and can be sued and so on. The concept that a company is a person simply means that the company owns its own possessions. An office of a company, full of tables and chairs belong to the company, and not to shareholders.

Such a distinction is significant because company property is legally unglued from the property of the shareholders that restricts the accountability of both company and the shareholder. In case the company goes bankrupt, a judge might order all of its possessions sold. But a person’s personal assets are not at all at risk. The court cannot even force anybody to sell his shares, though the value of the shares might have fallen radically. Similarly, in case a main shareholder goes bankrupt, he or she cannot sell the assets of the company to pay off his or her creditors.


Thus, this was the basic outline of stock marketing. In case you want to know every bit of it, you can avail the option of Stock market trading training India. The more knowledge you have, the better you can perform!

Amit Kumar
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