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Radiant Skin Is Now An Achievable Virtue

Given the amount of pollution and dust in the air, radiant skin may often feel like a distant dream. But in reality, as long as you pay attention to your skin and pamper it from time to time, achieving good looking skin doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With a range of treatments available at leading skin clinics such as AAYNA, you can now move a step closer to having skin that not only glows on the outside but is also healthy on the inside. Here’s looking at the top 3 treatments at AAYNA you must consider to achieve radiant looking skin you’ve always dreamed of:

1.Therm age Treatment

The Therm age treatment at AAYNA is nothing short of a non-surgical face-lift. Using patented Mono polar radio frequency, the treatment is best in class to cure loss of elasticity and collagen. It involves radio frequency, which have the power to vanish years off your face, directly attacking wrinkles, fine lines and jowls among other signs of ageing. You’re guaranteed to leave with smoother, lifted and relatively contoured skin.

2.Stem cell facial

One of the most common skin concerns among people today is the lack of luster and glow or otherwise called, dull skin. Creating a unique blend of nature and technology, the stem cell facial at AAYNA is counted among the most luxurious facials in the world. It uses Stem cells sourced from Sheep placenta to repair and rejuvenate skin cells with increased elasticity and hydration. Pampering yourself to a regular stem cell facial can go a long way in treating visible marks of ageing such as fine lines, wrinkles, acne and open pores.

3.Laser Genesis for Spider Veins

Spider veins are unattractive, web like networks of veins found often over the face and legs. Even though they don’t have any major side effects, their appearance is often considered undesirable and unsightly. Spider veins can be both reticulated (large and tortuous) or telangiectasias (relatively smaller). One of the most effective solutions is AAYNA’sLaser Genesis for Spider Vein Treatment. The laser ensures that your blood is coagulated to destroy the vessels, which are then absorbed by the body over time. You’ll be able to see considerable improvement within just 2-6 weeks of treatment.

Kiss dullness goodbye and say hello to radiant looking, beautiful skin as you pamper yourself to an indulgent skin treatment.