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Rakhi Pooja Thali or rakhi thali is the most important ingredient of raksha bandhan celebration. A sister has to decorate or arrange this thali for tying the rakhi on her brother’s wrist. This is a metal plate where the following ingredients are kept: Roli or red kum kum and chawal or rice grains for applying the auspicious Tikka, water (holy Ganga water), earthen lamp, sweets, rakhi threads, sandalwood paste, incense stick stand with fragrant incense sticks, and flowers. Now, all these have some sort of importance to it.

A sister has a heart filled with love and she prays strongly for her brother’s welfare and prosperity. Roli chawal is an auspicious tikka often applied to people before they start their day by some female of the family. Granny tales say that people setting their journey of the day with roli chawal is meant to win their challenges. You would be delighted to learn that the way this roli chawal tikka is applied on forehead has science behind it. The place between eyebrows is the seat of all our energy. This is our spiritual center and also the sphere from where we connect to our inner selves and that’s why this is the most important “chakra” of the whole body. And rice is included because this is often known as the grain of the God. So, now you know why roli chawal is the most important ingredient of a rakhi thali.

Earthen lamp is lit because no aarti is complete without it. It’s a wish from a sister’s heart that her brother can shine just like this diya or earthen lamp. Alongside an incense stick is also lit up because of its sweet fragrance and has a soothing effect on mind and body. Granny tales also says that the wishes of our heart reaches God with the rings of smoke from these incense sticks.

Rakhi comes next in this thali which you can choose as per your specification. Pearl rakhi or a cartoon rakhi or a kundan rakhi – you can get your desired design of rakhi in this thali and prepare for your celebration.

Sandalwood paste is very important as said in the Ayurveda and looks after healing of body, mind, and soul for its cooling effects. Sweets are kept to feed the brother so that sweetness of the relationship prevails.

The holy Gangajal or water from the holy Ganges is one of the most sacred things in our culture. If Gangajal is not available in household, any normal tap water also can be used for the festival. It’s said that one’s soul is purified with sprinkle of Gangajal and that’s why it is an important item in Rakhi Pooja thali.

Therefore, prepare your rakhi thali with love and care and have a great time on this occasion.

Reena Rawat
Author: Reena Rawat

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