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Rakhi- The Symbol of an Amicable Relationship

Rakhi, the Promise of Protection:

The secular Hindu festival Raksha bandhan is one of the most awaited celebrations of each brother and sister. The ritual of Raksha bandhana, which is also simply known as ‘Rakhi’, is observed on the full moon day of the Hindu month of Shravan. Having a brother or sister is indeed a blessing.

They are the best friends given by God who you can trust from the core of your heart. The bonding a brother and a sister share is priceless. And this Raksha bandhan brings a fresh air in the daily celebration of this incredibly special relationship. On this occasion, the sister ties Rakhi on her brother’s right wrist, expressing her love and best wishes for him while the dutiful brother promises to give protection to his sister under all circumstances.

A Bonding of Harmony:

Rakhi is a traditional ritual performed by almost all the Hindu families in India. The holy celebration also takes place in Mauritius and major parts of Nepal. Even though Raksha bandhan in general aims to celebrate the brother-sister relationship, sometimes biologically unrelated men and women also tie this ceremonial thread to each other to celebrate the unity among diverse ethnic groups and religions.

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Raksha bandhan and its wide history:

It is said that the origin of this auspicious occasion comes while going to fight the war between the God and the demons, Lord Indra was tied a thread on his wrist by his wife Indrani as a protector. Rani Karnavati also sent a letter to Humayun asking for help to protect Mewar which is another historical background of Raksha bandhan. The world poet Rabindranath Tagore gave Raksha bandhan a completely new aspect. In the British dominated India, he promoted the concept of unity and brotherhood among Hindus and Muslims by creating a platform of Raksha bandhan.


The Raksha bandhan festival is the celebration of national fellow feeling of harmony. People, who stay far from their siblings due to professional work or something else, look forward for this day with hope, joy and excitement of reuniting with their brothers and sisters.

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The promise of protection celebrated in a cheerful way is nothing but a cherry on the cake of the loving relationship between brother and sister.

Reena Rawat
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