The Reasons Behind Delhi’s Increasing Air Pollution


The rise of Delhi’s pollution level this season

Delhi’s geographical location and the capital of India’s citizens’ activities have led to the ultimate deterioration of air quality. People are rushed to the emergency room regularly diagnosed with respiratory problems, and there have been deaths reported as well. Things are getting bad with each and every passing day. This city is not only one of the most populated cities, but also one of the most polluted cities especially in terms of its air quality. The capital cannot breathe fresh air all the time, and it is leading to great dangers. The capital witnessed one of the worst cases of smog after this Diwali season. Instagram, Facebook and several other networking sites got filled with photos of the very powerful and harmful smog enveloping the city under it. There are several reasons that contribute to this abnormal condition. Take a look at the reasons behind Delhi’s soaring air pollution level to understand better about what is going on and how as a citizen you can help to prevent it.


Reasons :- 

1. Post Diwali the pollution level increased because of the burning of excess number of fire crackers. The worst affected are the elderly and the small children. The best air purifier can be installed in every home right now for some immediate relief from the smog and harmful gases.

2. Dependency on power plants is the largest cause of air pollution especially the presence of the various major power plants present within the parameters of the city contributes to the emission of a large amount of harmful gases. The neighboring states and countries also contribute to this rise in pollution because the air picks up emission and carries it to Delhi from Punjab, Haryana, Afghanistan and Pakistan which causes the rise in pollutant level in the capital.

3. Burning of waste matter also contributes a lot to the city’s growing pollution level.

4. Vehicle numbers have increased drastically in the last decade, which contributes to the rise in air pollutant level by exposing toxic fume directly into the atmosphere.

5. Diesel vehicles contribute a lot in the rise of air pollution level. However, the rise in the prices of CNG and petrol has led to the rise in greater number of diesel cars

6. Growing population in the city is also causing a lot of problems and putting pressure on the city’s quality of both air and water.

7. One of the very basic reasons we know is cigarette smoke making personal air purifiers an essential buy in a scenario like this.

8. Steps hadn’t been taken over the years to combat this problem and neither the city is equipped enough to this well.

The capital of India is now considered the worst polluted city in the world. It is nothing to be proud of. We as citizens need to help as well push the government in taking drastic steps to lower the air pollution. The citizens will have to come forward in this enterprise to help clean their air. Since by improving their own health they will be able to improve their city’s health as well.

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