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Reliance Jio Being Ragged By Rivals: Ambani

With the new Reliance Jio launch into the market, it is being widely discouraged by the competitive markets present today, that is the Airtel, Vodafone and Idea Cellular. Ambani, said at one of the interactions that he is waiting to see if the ragging would soon stop.

Ambani says that Jio is not a fake, it is but a well thought out, engineering ecosystem, (Gupta). He is willing to bear with the ragging from the competitors, but not at the cost of “millions of subscribers”. It had cost him not just Rs. 1, 50,000 crore, but a figure close to Rs. 2, 50,000 crore for his new telecom venture.

Reliance Jio next big plan: Disrupt market with
1 Gbps broadband service

He says that the word has been wrong about the technology companies, pointing at Apple and Google. He is very confident that this company will be able to prove everyone wrong, watchers can know for themselves by checking their performances and ratings, quarterly.


The concept of Jio was born when Isha Ambani complained about the poor speed of the internet, and when Akash spoke about how it is an untiring business, unlike telecom.

Ambani speaks of Modi’s support and guidance. He also confirms that at present, the youth are driven by negativity, where that seems to be the only way to spread the news.


He also speaks of the various projects that are coming up to bring up the morale, like the Aadhar card compulsion and Make in India project. Jio too, is a motivation to provide better services to Indians, and hopefully, finds its target.