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Where Are The Most Romantic And Exciting Ways To Propose?

When you are planning to propose to that special someone, you will want to do it in a very memorable way. Gone are the days when people only propose with a ring slipped into a glass of champagne at home.
There are lots of romantic and exciting ways you can propose.

Romantic And Exciting Ways To Propose?

The hard part is choosing from all the different ideas that you have.

Scuba Diving On A Tropical Island

When you are on holiday, this is one of the most romantic settings for your proposal. Instead of proposing on the beach or at the restaurant hotel, why not do something a little bit more creative?

You can book a scuba diving trip for you and your boyfriend or girlfriend. Have a special waterproof case made so that the ring can be safely contained inside without getting damaged by water. Your other half will be absolutely gobsmacked that you have decided to propose in such an unusual setting.

On A Horse And Carriage Ride Through The City

A horse and carriage ride through lush parks and along winding streets is one of the most romantic ways to spend an afternoon. You could also choose this as the perfect moment to pop the question to your other half with a wedding proposal in London. They will have had a wonderful afternoon and they will be overjoyed when you climb out of the carriage and get down on one knee to pop that all-important question.

On A Skydive

A skydive is one of the most exhilarating things that anyone can do in their entire lives. You will feel a huge rush of adrenaline as you are plummeting towards earth with nothing but a parachute on your back. This is made even more special if you are diving with your partner right beside you.

This could be the perfect moment to pop the question, although you will need a lot of practice to make sure that you don’t drop the ring at 35,000 feet. Have some practice in a specially-built wind tunnel and then you will be completely ready to pop the question in the most difficult setting possible.

With Skywriting

When you are having a romantic walk with your partner, there are lots of different ways that you can pop the question. One of the most unusual ways is to have a message written in the sky. This will take your partner completely by surprise and they will be ecstatic that your love for them has been broadcast for everyone to see.

With A Flash Mob

A flash mob is a modern phenomenon where a large group of people spontaneously burst out into song and dance. You might want to employ a large group of people to sing a song proposing to your partner whilst you are walking through the city centre. You could arrange it so that the group gradually builds up to a chorus and then you are able to get down on one knee.

Think of creative ways that you can propose to your partner.

Reena Rawat
Author: Reena Rawat

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